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/Roll Dice Script cmd with animations

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i would like to suggest [/roll] dice
What is the use case for rolling dice for an RP scenario ??

  • Gambling on the streets
  • Fictional RPG Character and adventures (D&D RolePlay)
  • And Improv RP

/Roll (1st arg: number of dices ) (2nd arg: Number sides of the dice)
the number should display what you'd rolled (Similar to /me script)

(The "Wank" Emote is required with as automation to "shake and roll the dice", then display result for Time 8 secs and allow 3 Seconds to allow the dice result to fade out in Opacity (rather then and allow to use dice in a down state)

EDIT AUG15: (in simple code: [ /Dice (trigger "Wank emote" + wait on finished animation + then show dice result )
https://forum.cfx.re/t/shake-dice-animation/352299/4    [/edit Aug15]


(dice roll with wank emote template)

https://github.com/SuperCoolNinja/fivem-esx_Menu_Animations-CFX/blob/master/animations/client.lua (file not longer available )
@Summer Trigger

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im bumping this


On 2/18/2020 at 1:04 PM, vDrop said:

Yes for Gambling

No to D&D RP. 

D&D and Rolling Dice will add more Dynamic to RP, i know this for sure.
Saying no to D&D RP is basically not allowing  other bringing potential creative RP  idea  and follow thru...
this will Benefit Action and Battle for those who want to partake in LARP

2nd: The "Wank Emote" douse mimic throwing dice, as  of right now, its currently removed

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Yea, @Serpico We need the animation 100%.



local myPed = PlayerPedId(-1)
local animation = ‘mp_player_int_wank_01_enter’
local animation2 = ‘mp_player_int_wank_01_exit’
local flags = 8
TaskPlayAnim(myPed, ‘mp_player_int_upperwank’, animation, 8.0, -8, -1, flags, 0, 0, 0, 0)
TaskPlayAnim(myPed, ‘mp_player_int_upperwank’, animation2, 8.0, -8, -1, flags, 0, 0, 0, 0)

From what twang linked - https://forum.cfx.re/t/shake-dice-animation/352299/4

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i would also like to add more clarity for the end user and around them,
Let say 1 person is Rolling a choice of  D3 to D100, the Landed result and sides of the dice should display together, and minimize Confusing


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