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Suggestion: Rework certain parts of the economy.

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Overall, I think the economy on the server is great. I love the fact that you get $100 in benefits every so often so you don't have to "grind" to stay alive, but I feel the cars and motorcycles are priced illogically, for instance.
In the lower- and mid-range the car prices feel a bit.. strange, and in the mid- to high-range, it just feels unreachable in my opinion.
You can pay $2000 for a starter car, but a step up from that is already a big leap for anyone who doesn't want to sell drugs for a majority of the day. For example, I think the cheapest car I saw as an "upgrade" from the $2000 Voodoo my character has was another muscle car worth $15000. I can see the sentiment here as the $2k car can be a starter vehicle of sorts. But then the issue presents itself, a simple SUV can be more expensive than a custom Cadillac. And a decent motorcycle can be more than the price of the Cadillac and SUV combined. It just feels off to me.

Then we enter the higher segment and it's incredibly expensive. I like that this makes the vehicles more exclusive, but certain vehicles that offer luxury but not much else can be $150k+, like the Windsor. I would understand that a super car has a pricetag like this but a for a Windsor for instance, it feels restrictive. One of my characters is an Italian-American mob-type character, and I don't like that I have to drive shitty muscle cars that don't fit my character to get around, which leads me to my next issue.

It feels like there is no money to be made outside of drugs. I've tried selling weed before, and I made $5k in around 2-3 hours of playing. I could just be an idiot and a slow grinder, lol, but even if it was doubled that it doesn't feel like a whole lot. I can see cocaine making a lot of money but with the calculated risk of getting arrested this also isn't that lucrative. Nonetheless, I did not want my character to have to do illegal work but I have to because otherwise I know I will be driving my $15000 muscle car/$2000 Voodoo until the end of my days. It would be nice if there were opportunities for people to make money outside of drugs and other criminal work like robbing stores and banks. Sure, I hear you say, "but you can apply for LEO/EMS", which is true. And it's exactly what I'm seeing. Career criminals who are working as EMT's on the side. It feels wrong, and it feels like there should be a better way, like buying and owning companies/grocery stores/gas pumps or even buying gun stores and buying/selling guns. The issue with these is that there is a limited number of places here, so there could be AI-run options too, like investing in AI-generated stocks or perhaps investing money in your own company and receiving x money per x period of time in your company's bank account.

Anything would work as long as the grind aspect of the server is dulled a little bit. For me it's the only downside on the server that restricts me from coming on more often.

What do you guys / gals think?


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I Think the points you bring up are great, the amount of legal work you can do is pretty slim. Unless you are a Lawyer, EMS/LSPD then you get a decent chunk of change. But for people who don't want to have a character within those sort of routes, they don't have much else to work for. Taxi Work, is very slim I've only had I believe 4-6 people ride in my Taxi under Big Hawk Taxi Co and it doesn't get you much. Most work you do is very grinding, Whilst yes after all that time you have grinded it feels great too finally get that vehicle you've always wanted or etc. But I feel with a lot of the Legal work, It takes way to long. You brought Up some really good points in the post, I feel like adding stocks too the server will be a good benefit as-well as introducing the ability to own stores and so forth.  But By far the most money people make is from mechanic work legal wise, but then again you are sitting there for sometimes up to a hour with no-one coming in or out, sometimes the pay is good sometimes it is not.
Maybe add a feature where you can fix AI Vehicles as-well? A Way I've been making money is, If someone is already doing Mechanic work at Elgin. I would buy a ton of Vehicle repair kits and run all around fixing people broken down vehicles and so forth that are stuck on the highways, a repair kit is 150 so you if you want to make some profit you can charge them 450. You will be surprised, I get a decent amount of calls from people who need a fixing on the side of the road in place like Paleto and Sandy.

Another thing to note, is some legal work and Illegal work to get money is very boring, not sure what the government officials could do to spice it up a little bit. 

+1 these are some changes, that I feel will benefit the server and economy.

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I think the delivery should be revisited too.  The amount received for what you delivery increase slightly and the availability of a company vehicle to be purchased for a reasonable price ($100-$250) the same as with PD/EMS would make it an attainable job and legitimate way to earn.

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