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BadlandsRP Player Whitelisting Application Template

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Badlands RP Community Whitelist Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a whitelisted member of the Badlands RP community.  Please take a moment to review the server rules prior to submitting your application.  The intent of this application is for you to showcase your role play abilities and to also measure your understanding of the Badlands RP server rules.    Please take the time to answer the questions thoroughly and completely.  One line is not enough in most cases. 

You can complete the application by copying the template below and submitting a new topic here:

Player Information

  1. What is your BadlandsRP User ID (Press F6 in game or Connect to fivem.blrp.net):
  2. What is your Discord Tag (space/case sensitive - speed#0001):
  3. Please provide a link to your Steam Profile:

General Questions

  1. Under what circumstances are you permitted to attack or kill another player?
  2. Under what circumstances are you permitted to use your vehicle as a weapon?
  3. What tools are appropriate to communicate / share information while on the server?  What tools are not appropriate to relay in game information while on the server?
  4. As you are playing in the server, you become aware that a friend has discovered and used an exploit in either the game or server mechanics.  How would you handle this situation?  What steps would you take?  Would you do something different if YOU discovered the bug or exploit?
  5. What is the proper procedure that should be followed when you encounter another member of the community that is breaking rules or intentionally disrupting the experience of those around them?
  6. Your friend is currently streaming as a cop on Badlands and you just started selling cocaine on the street. What do you do?

Character Based Questions

  1. Provide a description of ONE character you may introduce to the city.   Be as thorough and detailed as possible while describing them.  This is your opportunity to introduce your character to the world and help us understand who they are and their backstory.


Choose THREE of the scenarios below.  Your responses should be in character.

  • Scenario 1:  You and your friends have decided to rob a store.  Please describe how you would plan and execute the robbery including your thoughts on possible negotiation with the police.
  • Scenario 2:  You are walking out of your house when another person approaches you, then points a gun at you demanding you to put your hands up.  How would your character respond to this potentially dangerous situation? 
  • Scenario 3:  You are having a calm, relaxing, evening attending a party at the Vanilla Unicorn.  Suddenly a gang approaches and begins to instigate some hostile interactions with the bouncer at the front door.  How would you react to this situation?
  • Scenario 4:  You are driving around the city when a hostile person begins following you calling you numerous derogatory names.  Technically the behavior is against the server rules.  How would you respond and manage this situation?
  • Scenario 5:  Please describe your idea of a perfect night in the city?
  • Scenario 6:  You've planned the perfect bank heist but despite your well laid out plan things do not go as you expected.  You've gathered all the needed equipment, taken another person hostage to use as leverage with the police.  Regardless, the cops sneak in and manage to take you into custody.  How do you react?
  • Scenario 7:  You are peacefully walking down the sidewalk at Legion Square when a truck being chased by the police crosses onto the sidewalk, runs you over, and knocks you to the ground causing significant injuries.  Describe how you would react to the situation.  How would you interact with the driver of the truck if they stop?  What would you say to the EMT that arrives to treat you?
  • Scenario 8:  You are driving to the store and while at a stop sign a frantic woman covered in blood bangs at your window crying and yelling something about a dog.  How would you handle yourself in this situation?
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