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If the devs dont want an influx of real life cars in the server then what I'm about to post can be an alternative too!


This car below is for either the Sentinel or Sentinel XS or both? I don't know, but it just offers some more customizable options to the car to make it look more like the real life BMW M3. I've installed this mod on my GTA Story mode and I'll say I highly recommend! The link to the mod, more screenshots in the link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ubermacht-sentinel-custom-tuners-and-outlaws


FYI: With this, it turns the STOCK Sentinel XS into a wide body kit. It's not something you go add. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing as it finally separates the Sentinel with the Sentinel XS. The current separation between the two is just, one is a drop top and one isn't. The XS is meant to be the "sporty" version of the two. So this body kit mod will definitely give it that feeling. Maybe even increase the price of the car to about 50-55k

D85afc ss12


The car below is from GTA 4, named "Sentinel" based from the BMW M3 E46. This car isn't in GTA 5, however, it's still part of the GTA family and would be amazing for the drifting/racing community. This is the first generation of sentinel, and the picture above (Sentinel XS) is the second generation. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ubermacht-sentinel-sg4-add-on-liveries

Db5680 3 min


The Albany AKA Roman's Taxi from GTA 4. Think this could be like a 3-8k car the new people in the city can get their hands on to get them from A to B, to start their journey in the city similar to the way Roman did in Liberty City. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/albany-esperanto-pack-police-and-taxi-add-on

71f41f 27727207918 91c43df5d6 o

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More context on the Sentinel XS body kit
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Legendary hot hatch, and also my in-head car. Would be cool as hell to see this in the city with good performance, there aren't too many good FWD cars.



Please add this <3

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