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Addon Vehicle Mega-Thread

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Douglas DC-4 "Mainliner"  A classic, 4-engined passenger/cargo aircraft used in both the civilian and military sectors.

598dc5 unknownvbc


And extra reskins for the aircraft.

127515 delta



Beautiful example of a 1940s-1960s passenger airliner; and could be a nice aircraft to privately own for those looking for something a little bit more "low and slow" than the Shamal and similar aircraft.

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Different colour xenon lights:


+ I know I've requested this before and so have others: custom license plates (if possible)

+ Realistic new in city (GTA Vehicles) I feel like should get added in pretty often, or at least the ones that do get requested. However, I also do understand it's more a case of other priorities before new vehicles rather than just them not being added in.

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As an update so people know where we are at. We have selected a group of vehicles, some from here and some not, which we are going to work on implementing. 

In the future, these suggestions will become more valuable, thank you for helping contribute to the server ❤️ 

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