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"LARGE" Ped outfits, more options.

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Hello, I was wondering if its possible to see if more clothing options or modded clothes can be added for some of the larger ped models? Being able to mix it up a bit as someone that of the larger build would be great. For example suit option. I am guessing there may not be many creators making items for these.

Example of a current large model if it helps: a_m_m_farmer_01


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NPC Peds for example "a_m_m_Farmer_01" uses the base GTA clothing made for that specific ped; I'm unsure if it is editable but I believe there are bigger things to deal with.

I do know some peds have different variants of clothing and so forth; as you may have seen in different cut-scenes that they have a variant, which you can choose at the clothing store.
Unsure, though if it'd be worth the effort as most people within the community use MP_freemode (M/F) options for character creation.

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