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Personally i think it would be cool if trucking got incorporated into other business needs. like if the 7/11s needed to be restocked along with restaurants/business's.  then players can get paid a base fee for the job and tipped by player groups who are stuck waiting on a shipment. adds RP and increases profit potential for the trucking job. maybe have it available at its current capacity but also be able to receive paged jobs like towing/taxi.

to elaborate with an example: panda garden receives most ingredients in house. what if in order to obtain those we first must pay for a truck load of supply's there, then a page gets sent out to anyone on a trucking job to do the job and deliver it outside panda garden. if no truckers are around it wont work, meaning it will promote business and deals with trucker citizens.

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I'm neutral on this. If there's no trucking happening, then what would happen to the restaurants that don't get their ingredients needed to produce the food they make?  The idea is GREAT but I think it might be better for the 24/7's that dont exactly have ownership, just like how the delivery job works.  

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ultimately i could have a gang member clock into trucking and do the job until we are stocked or pay someone else a bonus to come do it. but ideally the boost in popularity of those jobs will improve the demand of trucking. at the least 7/11s would be the best start and then incorporate restaurants and other player owned business later if it seems to be working alright.

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