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- If you know where your shots are hitting, the Deagle is a monster.

- The MK2 pistol fires faster than the Heavy Pistol. The usual collateral for high rate of fire is damage reduction. 

- The PD SMG is a piece of crap, so it doesn't stand as a competitor agaisnt overall Tier 3 Weaponry.

Current gunfights are great, they last long enough and are very fun as they stand. Gunfights are also one of the ways to exit RPable scenarios, such as Robberies. If made excessively brutal, some people might just go for that every time, which turns the city into more of a warzone. 


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I just want the stagger chance brought back for gunfights. Like if I take a ton of shots to the legs I should fall down. Not sure why that was removed. With gunfights lasting as long as they do this could add a bit of strategy to them vs just who can shoot who the most the fastest. 

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+1 Headshots should be 1.5x or atleast 1.25x body shot damage and should reward player for better aiming and for people saying its would be bad cause of people using 3rd party crosshairs, it dosent matter crosshair or not at the end of the day its about hitting your shots crosshair or not.

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