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What games… besides GTA V of course


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So! What games are y’all into?

These days I stick to a handful of “slower paced” games due to a medical condition that has been bothering me for several months. 

So my top 5 based on recent time spent playing:

GTA V (Of course) mainly on RP server(s)

Red Dead Redemption 2, again mainly on RP server(s)

American Trucking Simulator (especially loving the new convoy mode built in) and YES I have wheel & pedals 

MS Flight Simulator and yes I have joystick (waiting on a yoke & pedals combo)

and last but not least Farming Simulator 19 with numerous maps and mods to customize each session just for me.

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1 minute ago, RockfordIceBenders said:

I play mostly simulation games, such as train sim world, American truck simulator, etc. I also play any business tycoon style games.

I have a couple of Train Sims as well (would really like to get the controller panel for them too).


18 minutes ago, ShesElectrick said:

I'm a big fan of horror type games mostly. I play a lot of Phasmophobia, Dead by Daylight, Home Sweet Home Survive... buuuuuut I've also been playing The Isle and a little bit of Genshin Impact. :D

I’d probably end up in the hospital with most of those right now! It doesn’t take much to throw off my heart rate!

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But for real, tac fps games is where I thrive. Previously rank A+ on ESEA, Level 10 FaceIT and maintained Global Elite rank since CS introduced ranks. Played at high levels in Apex Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO, CS: Source and VALORANT. Since I have been back to playing RP I have barely touched any of these games but will always jump on and frag out every now and again.

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FPS and Strategy

I used to play a lot of fps shooters for a clan called F.F.F. (friends fun and fair play) and was in the team that topped the European Ladder leagues : search and destroy with COD and battlefield.
Arma 3 multiplayer
cossacks 3
and a Capital FC and Director in Eve Online for 9 years lol as part of the marmite collective and suddenly spaceships
but i don't really play much of these games any more as any spare time i have i am playing BLRP lol

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