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This post will serve as an easily accessible area for people to browse our most commonly asked questions. When people keep inquiring/asking about the same thing it can get tedious to type out the same reply over and over. Please refer back to this post periodically to see if your question has been answered!


General Game-play

Can you add more emotes? - We will add more emotes over time to help fill in the blanks during certain role play situations. I also know there are requests for an easier way to cancel emotes so that is something we will look into as well.

Can you add more cops/ems/moderators? - Police and EMS applications are accepted in waves. If you submit an application then please be patient and we will review it and post with instructions if you are approved for an interview. Moderators are accepted on an invite only basis for the time being. We are evaluating potential candidates.


Can you add more legal jobs? - We do plan on adding more legal jobs in future updates.

Can I be a hitman? - We aren't a fan of this type of behavior as it boils down to straight up killing and bare minimum if any RP at all. It can be unfair for the target and a poor experience for them.

Can you add Y job and make it white-listed? - At this time we only plan on having Police/EMS on a white-list otherwise things get too complicated. With a white-list it means there needs to be an application, interview, on boarding and training process along with the need to moderate for removal. This is too complicated for no benefit if any at all.

Modded Content/Extras

Will you add modded vehicles/clothing? - We are investigating the possibility for additional clothing options for all factions. Modded police vehicles are in testing and if all goes well then there could POSSIBLY be a few civilian vehicles. Each modded vehicle is additional data being streamed to the server and being downloaded each time someone joins. We need to keep this in mind when evaluating additional content.


I don't like X or Y with economy.. - This is an ongoing process as building an economy from scratch can be a huge undertaking. You will see some more adjustments to pricing of vehicles, items, jobs over the next few weeks.

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