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Beginners guid (mostly money)

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Alright so if you are reading this it is either because :

  • You are bored
  • You want money because you need a car or something else
  • You are a money wolfe and dont care what people say

Well I will help you what'sover,

starting up in the city

Lets say you just landed the plane you were in coming from what part in the world you can imagine (even rainbows and fairylands)
You came into the city and the security at the airfield took everything from you but 2,000 dollars, a phone, a bold head with some really odd clothing that no one really likes and your ID card.

First all you are wondering "Where am I and who are all those weird people calling me Danny, MY NAME IS NOT DANNY !"
You are (mostlikely) going to a clothing store to get those ugly (used ?) clothing for some fancy clothing that dont fit your bank account at all, but what ever. So you look good, but you dont like to be bold ?
Goto the barbershop and have them paint some hair on your body chest, face, head and other parts im not gonna highlight...

So you look in the sky after you got everything you want to look like, you open your phone and see that the bank called you "[Bank] 1 unreaded message - You are bankrupt"
You start looking away and biting your arm to see if you are not asleep and you check again "[Bank] 1 unreaded message - You are bankrupt"

You realize that you are really bankrupt and start thinking "How am i ever gonna get that back, i dont have a job or a car and I dont know anyone here"
You check your ID card and it reads "James Choco", James Choco ?? That is not my name ???

Then out of the nowhere a god called Luke comes from the sky and gives you this awesome guid telling you how to become one of the richest people in the city.

Becoming very rich (or something close to it)

At first you would want to goto the license center and do the driving test, after that goto the L at the airfield and buy yourself a license *
* guids about the license can be found on the forums aswell.

Alright so you got your license (and a car ? *)
* For how to get a car guids check the forums.

The first thing you should do is goto the Job center and take the Delivery job (This job doesn't cost money and makes money pretty easy, but not enough to become rich)
After you did a few jobs you will have sometthing arround $1k or more. Goto the Casino and play some Blackjack and play with all the money you have (To find out how to play Blackjack read this : https://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/how-to-play-blackjack.htm)
Once you entered the blackjack you are gonna start playing a game with the half of the cash you entered the casino with (If you won you will play with the same ammount of money you added the first time, if you lost you do the same)

If you win again you will double the money you are playing with and start doing that for a while. Once you think you are happy with the money you have, you exit the Casino and goto a bank or ATM (Money can only be depositted into a bank)

Deposit all the money you have in your hand incase something happens.

So you got alot of moeny now (or nothing because you messed up at the Casino)

Incase of having a succes at the casino read this

Alright so you played really good at the casino and you won alot of money, but you are still not rich. You can afford a supercar or anything else nice and fancy.
If you look on your Badlands maps (odd version of Google Maps not to be found on internet) you will see alot of green truck simbols. These are trucking missions, you will need a semi truck for these. "But i dont have a semi truck"

Dont worry there are enough people that want to rent out their semi truck, just ask for it.

Once you got yourself a semitruck you will head over to one of those green truck symbols and you will accept a mission, hook yourself up to the trailer and go deliver a few trailer drive back and forth and find out what location is the best for you !

Alright so you did a few missions and you can now buy your own Semi truck.
Buy it and do some more missions. Try out some illegal missions like weed and coca or do some wine. This is the way of becoming rich. *
* This guide will keep growing cause I will keep trying stuff

Incase of having a fail at the casino read this

Alright so you turned bankrupt again... No worry's it happens.
Try to make some friends and see if they want to do stuff with you, there are always people that want to jelp you out with some finacial problems.. *
* This guide will keep growing cause I will keep trying stuff

Goodluck with becoming rich everyone !

(I'm sorry for the lack of information in the guide right now, like i said above I will keep changing stuff since new stuff keeps coming and I will keep finding out ways to do it)

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I would say there's probably two ways you could go about it

  1. RP approach
  2. Solo/Anti-social Approach

For the RP approach, really the sky is the limit.

Make sure voice chat is on (mandatory for server) by opening menu with esc and going to settings->voice chat turn it on and turn up all the bars. You could change your push to talk key under keybinds (default N) I personally can't stand it.

You'll most likely want to customize your character so pick up a free bike and head to the nearest clothing store, step in the green circle, scroll through the clothes using directional buttons and use enter to change colors. Change your hands if there is weird clipping or missing sections of your body. You could also choose premade NPC skins in the red circle but they can't be customized. Assuming you didn't choose a premade NPC skin, head out to the barber shop once your outfit is complete and change up your face/hair etc. 

Once your character is complete, use T to open chat and type /tweet Hey, I'm new in town! Anybody want to hang out? Or, even better, perhaps tweet out something more creative than that? You can get phone numbers from players and they can send you their GPS coordinates or maybe you send yours by opening your phone (del) and starting a text message with them and then pressing right arrow and "send GPS" so they might pick you up. You can find your phone number in the settings on your phone, or by pressing M and looking at your ID, you could alternatively show someone your ID to give your number if they are near you. 

Maybe you'll get a loan from someone you could pay back later or someone might be charitable and just give you some cash to start, maybe they'll only take you to the driving test and offer some work for you or maybe no one will talk to you at all, who knows? Ask questions but stay in character, you are a person in this world so don't reference things your character wouldn't know. If someone says "Flex your G muscle" that's in-character speak for press G on your keyboard. If you have to reference "NPCs" you say "Locals" Inventory could be bag or pockets or anything you come up with that makes sense in the situation. Use /ooc when you have a character breaking question you can't ask in character but try to use voice and /tweet for anything else.

This method is much more open-ended but relies on your communication with others, requires a little luck, and is much more susceptible to variation than solo grinding. You could end up broke or far richer than any solo method could possibly make you. You're sure to learn something new and make some friends and potentially priceless contacts so why not give it a try?



For the solo approach, I'd get a free bike and either customize character or skip that and just go to the driving test. Pass the test and go to the job center and pickup delivery job. Go to the green 24/7 to buy your delivery items and do a few deliveries on your free bike (caps lock to ride faster)  until you've got 5k for a license, probably a little more than 5k so it doesn't completely break you. Go down to the "L" by the airport and pickup your license, be sure to take all your money out of the bank before riding down there. Hopefully by now you've got your license and little extra cash (around $1000) so you can buy the panto at a nearby garage and start driving, doing some more deliveries.

I would go straight for scuba diving ASAP, get yourself a couple scuba kits from the Calico Jack's on the west coast interstate out of town and a cheap boat at the nearby dock for probably about 10k investment total. Make sure you got gas in your boat, it's also never bad to have some vehicle repair kits at all times. Before you even think about getting near the water, you put that scuba kit on! Drive out to a wreckage site off the coast, turn off the boat with G, Stand up with F, and toggle the anchor with U so the boat doesn't float away, swim down in first person view (V) and find the little yellow arrows on the ocean floor/inside the wreckage. 

I generally hit each dig spot until I get two items, unless I get two items on the first two tries, then I'll try one more dig before moving to the next arrow. Do this until your inventory is full then fill the trunk of your boat (M->Vehicle->Trunk) and go back down to continue filling your inventory until you're out of scuba kits (make sure you surface with 1-3 minutes left on your scuba kit) Go back to the shore where you parked your car, or likely a garage and go to sell the items at either the Black Market (lockpicks) Calico Jack's (coins, artifacts) and the Jewelry Store in LS (diamond, ruby, sapphire.)

After your first time you should have plenty of money to reinvest in more scuba kits and go for a longer dive, spots that drop lockpicks are best and spots that drop sapphires or gold ingots should be avoided if you want to maximize profit so you might want to move on to a new area if you find those items. Your scuba air supply only drains while you're in the water so don't worry about wasting air while driving to the next spot.

Buying a gym membership on Vespucci beach and working out for 15 minutes will double your carry capacity so you should probably do that sooner than later. As you accumulate more money, buy a van of some kind for its large carry capacity and then you can fill it up on the shore and keep diving for some really big hauls upwards of $150k or more depending on how dedicated you are to scuba diving. I recommend one of the more expensive vans, not the microbus as it's very weak and gets stuck on some pretty weak hills.

Always make sure you're well fed and well supplied and you'll be making bank solo in no time with this method! 

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Charles Hill    26
On 10/16/2019 at 9:52 PM, BrokeAsAJoke said:

how do you buy a store and what is the purpose/strategy for using them to make money?

You can not physically buy a store in the city but you can rent them if you own/are part of a business. Businesses mainly rent out the Red Icon stores that you see to launder dirty money through to make it clean but can also stock the store to make money off people buying food or drinks from there. Otherwise, there is no other way to "buy" a store, as it is for businesses only. Hopes this helps partner!

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Noob    58
On 10/18/2019 at 1:12 PM, BrokeAsAJoke said:

How do you become an owner of a business. What businesses are there to own?

Make 2 million dollars, then go to the business centre and buy a business. The rest is up to you to RP it out.

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