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Badlands Test Server | Bank Heist Info/Feedback Thread

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Thorgs    494
17 hours ago, PeterMcKay said:

this would increase random robberies make it payout like a really shitty amount like a max of 2k now yes people will take this as an oppertunity to start robbing every store alot and it will keep the cops running but when you know what store is being robbed you should be able to get there relatively fast enough...

Guess you didnt understand what I was saying in my post AND I can say for a fact I do not want them to be robbed more frequently! as you suggest what fun would being a police officer if all I did on my shift was run to robbery after robbery? its the reason there is a cooldown now to prevent that from happening but even some days it does now after the cooldown. @Flori made a heist post to try and make it skill based which could be nice I just would like to see it get away from  " I got hostage I want free passage " ... Just don't want to see a higher payout robbery/heist with the same MO on taking hostage to always get away. I understand the chase can be apart of the robbery that's not my issue

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PeterMcKay    20

give banks a storm wide cooldown then? eitherway i think it should be skillbased too like the drilling minigame maybe a hacking minigame here and there make it so you can delay the alarm going off extra steps that are high risk but reward you wuth delaying officers that makes it more skill based. eitherway you cannot get around that a hostage will be used, its either a hostage or bullets go flying.

irl a bank job is done with planning knowing how a bank looks from the inside gathering materials in, out under a minute or 5 or something running off or taking a escape vehicle sometimes its a hostage situation if a job requires more time. in our case it always will take a shitload of time.

by using the tools given to you as a police officer you can get a tactical advantage at anytime.

lieing: your greatest weapon "yes you are free to go" meanwhile there are spikestrips down the road

helicopter: birds eye view

in terms of cars you guys can keep up with most if not all cars if used well

all we have is a hostage to leverage our safe passage

we cannot use helicopters as a getaway

going over water is a job on its own if we can get that far atleast

using our own car is dumb because if we get away we are wanted because of our plates (unless we get fake plates we can make by scrapping cars *maybe something to thing about??*)


so what i am saying is is that with minigames already in place if they go wrong one of the following happens:

drill overheats: it explodes

hacking : after 5 tries the system goes into lockdown for idk 2 minutes and police are alerted

using a blowtorch (maybe use welding animation?) : you might burn yourself?

that we have enough dangers to go trough to EVENTUALLY also have to deal with cops who dont want to let us run because we have a hostage after all the trouble we already had to go trough because they get sick and tired of having to deal with a

4 hours ago, Thorgs said:

  " I got hostage I want free passage "

now in all honesty i can understand its frustrating to hear that.

but with all the tools you guys have at your disposal by being tactical, the letting us run part should NOT be an issue. it should be part of the robbery. and rp i can tell you for certain that in every robbery i have done so far ive pulled some kind of sick joke like,

for instance:
telling you there is a bomb on my car that if you pit me my tires spin out and it will go boom. so driving under 50mph snorting cocaine of my dashboard while drinking beer and smoking weed. (i got away because eventually i said that the bomb was fake and using actual driving skill to get away.)


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Smojo    21
14 hours ago, PeterMcKay said:

free passage is what all criminals want and they get ofcourse the cops get into a chase but IMO thats what a robbery should end into: a chase, anything done as a criminal should be skill based. and you should be awarded for that.

if you out manouvre the cops because of your driving skill then you do something right. and you can get away.

if the cops keep sticking to you pit manouvre you and they cuff you then your driving wasnt good enough.

or your driving was good but its not your lucky day. nobody knows what will happen in a chase its unpredictable and thats whats good about it. you might fly nose first into a car at 150 mph or you flip your car because a local tbones you, or you get pit manouvered.

its not about winning or losing or stuff being OP its RP.

agreed, i wan just tryna figure a way since the cops keep saying everything ends with "free passage" and its boring for them.

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