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Ozzie Ozbourne

Tazer Tag Idea

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10 hours ago, Flori said:

 Its just another thing out there to draw people away from RPing. 

Away from your definition of roleplay you mean. Just because it's not the type of roleplay you like doesn't mean it isn't roleplay. Just saying. I don't exactly enjoy the stand around roleplay myself but I wouldn't classify it as not roleplay. 

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11 hours ago, Serena said:

I RP going there with my friends/family for fun just as I would in real life go to an arcade or the boardwalk and play games/play laser tag... Maybe it's not your cup of tea but it doesn't mean it's not RP.

to add to this this room can also be used by LSPD for trainings.
like ''clearing a building'' ability to shoot well with the tazer etc.

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