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Stories from BadlandsRP FiveM

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Richie    231

So with the admins teams decision to move on from fiveM to a new platform I thought it would be cool to share some stories about our time in fiveM. They can be long, they can be short, they can be about anything that you feel captured what made the fiveM project special to you. 


My first story will be from my first days in the city. I had managed to get myself dressed and get my drivers license all in order in the first couple of hours in town. Some that really attracted my attention (you could even see I talk about it in my introduction post) was trucking. So, I decided to take my first steps in communications with other players, mind you this is my first ever experience with any player to player RP. I took to Twitter (/twitter or tweet  or w/e at that time) and asked to rent a semi truck. With in minutes I got a response from Chen (I believe his last name was Chong) saying he would rent me a truck for 2k, mind you i was new 2k was about all I had after licensing and my first car. Anyways, I agree to meet up with him at the garage in the parking lot directly across the street of legion square. Reluctantly I give him the money before he pulls out the truck and this mother fucker pulls out a god damn faggio laughs at me an drives off. I think fuck I’m going to rock this thing anyway just to spite him, within minutes I get pulled over by the police (keep in mind this is my first time ever interacting with anyone at this point), this asshole reporting the scooter as stolen! The cop ask me to step off the scooter and I’m nervous as hell, I explain to the officer the best I can what happened, obviously at this point the officer has seen this before, so we agree I bring the scooter back to the garage and leave it there and go about my day. My char is pissed at this point so I got back to Twitter and go on about how Chen scams people. I get a response from Chen, he says he’s sorry and wants to meet at legion square so he can give me my money back so I go out on a limb and meet him. As we were talking his partner, Fat Stacks, comes up behind me with a gun trained on my head. At this point they throw me into their car and drive me to the industrial section of LS near the gold processor, they take me up to the roof and push me towards an edge. They want an apology for disrespecting them on Twitter, I do my best to be sincere, but they’re not buying. At this point Chen grabs me and throws me off the building where I smack my face in the railroad tracks I gets knocked the fuck out. My first few hours in the city, I was scammed, pulled over by police, kidnapped, thrown off a roof, and picked up by EMS, I loved every minute of it. I don’t remember the cop I talked but I remember the emt being Rex Thunderslap I think was his last name. Nearly two years later here we are. 

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I think this idea is amazing!

My story involves too many people to name but Sheev, Kaelynne, Jesus, Serena, Spectre, Jesse. All of you were apart of this gang war. It started as something so small and turned out to be the best RP i was ever apart of. From the small meetings in the sewing shop, to ambushes on rival gang members, all of the RP was great. Nobody cared about grinding for money or getting a new supercar. That RP was some of the greatest stuff i have ever been apart of. Especially when Sheev shot Serena in the face. We had spent weeks, months trying to get her, and finally the time came. Albeit not in the best way but we got her none the less. 

Thank you Speed, Serpico, Sneaky, Ozadu for making Badlands such an amazing place that we could all come and have fun. None of this would have been possible without you guys!

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