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    The official family page of Dallas Family

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    This club hasn't provided a description.
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    The official group for the Lost Motorcycle Club.

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    Aces & Eights - The Deadman's Hand. We are a bunch of individuals who fight the law and live on the southside, We are building a better SouthSide.

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    Sanjay's lovely clean 5/5 store that totally isn't a ripoff
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    This club hasn't provided a description.
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    Backstage crew for the BadlandsRP show "First Responses"

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    IBSC LLC!! We protect the people of Los Santos and Blaine County, where the LSPD cannot. However, we're not free, and freedom comes with a price we are most certain you can pay!! We're currently working on making this group a little bit better. Maybe you can leave us some feedback in our feedback section? We'd appreciate it!! However, we can always offer you an emergency-only point-of-contact in case of the most emergent of emergencies: Agent Hawke, cell: 086-7128

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    Lawyers take a seat. We are here to discuss business. All lawyers joining to talk of open and closed cases, laws and regulations.

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    Legal and not so legal Racing of Cars and Bikes. Events will be held. Some times. Bets can be made at ANY event

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    Mirror Park Crip Gang (MPC) The Mirror Park Crips are an active street gang known for running their family owned Barber Shop "5/7" located in the on the East Side of Los Santos. They were established in 2017 by a couple of childhood friends by the names of " Jamal Diggs" also known by his street name "J-Diggs", and "Justin Olson" aka "O-J" whom grew up in the Mirror Park neighborhood. J-Diggs inherrited the family owned operation from his OG Grandfather "Herry Diggs" whom passed away in early 2010 after being fataly shot outside his barber shop during an argument over a game of cards. After inheriting his grandfathers barber shop, Jamal ran the buisness at a deficit for years, selling dope on the side to keep his family shop afloat. After eventually being caught for "Drug Trafficing" Jamal Diggs was sentenced to 5 year in the Los Santos Penitentiary. While inside Jamal met a man by the name of "Bookey Williams" spending a life sentence for calling for multiple gang hits. "Bookey Williams" was the leader of what was known at the time as "The East Side Crips". He was also a long time friend and accociate of "OG Herry Diggs", Jamals Late Grandfather. While locked up J-Diggs and Bookey became close friends and composed a plan to keep the Diggs family business alive. With Bookey serving a life sentence, he desperatley needed a connection to the streets - and quick. Jamal Diggs would provide that support, in the form of a "Business Front". In return Bookey would allow Jamal to start his own neighborhood chapter. From Prison J-Diggs coordinated his plans to tranform the operations of the Barber Shop through written letters to Justin Olson. With Justin laying the foundation, and Jamal having 2 years left to serve - The Mirror Park Crips became the first sub-set of the East Side Crips. Today they remain to be the only Crip Set left to exist in Los Santos. In time the Mirror Park Crips hope to expand their territory into Inner VineWood. The Herry Kutz Barber Shop, is located at 5/7 Mirror Park Boulevard, accross the St. from Cool Beans Taqueria in East Los Santos. Co-Founders: * Jamal Diggs - aka "J-Diggs" * Justin Olson - aka "O-J"

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    this is a group those that love truck driving in the city of GTA and FiveM of those that want to do more like convoys or other jobs not posted thanks for reading and have a great day trucking

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    Toight like a Toiger

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    BCI - Black Cube Intelligence - Feel free to join to learn more about our services. If you require a more intimate and secure level of communication feel free to message us. Visit our website for information regarding our wide range of services available. http://www.blackcubeintel.cf/

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    how do I delete clubs

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    Do you have gorgeous hair that isnt appreciated by others? Join the club!

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    The ones in red, up will after bed!

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    Only for the Thicccest of broys. Must be Thiccc!

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    This is for the once glorious taco truck empire. They shall raise again!!
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    how do I delete clubs

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    for people to post pictures of there cars and organise car events

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    The official group for the Costello Family and its associates. The Costellos wear red and black, typically suits, and can usually be found near Eclipse Towers and Tequila-la.

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    Los Santos Towing & Repairs WebSite: https://loganstreet26.wixsite.com/lstowandrepair

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    Get Some Zucc Official ZuccClub2K18 (C)

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