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  1. any information I get that isn't well known gets posted on there. not that I have a lot to offer.
  2. irect link to the law site. Easy Access by linking, I hope. In addition to this, if we lawyers are on scene or had some involvement/too close to victim then police state "Not Allowed To Represent Client" What is considered a gang: any two or more people dressed the same or recognizable as being 'together' as a grouping. This is what the law states for city and server. Not every well known. In NO Situation can you pull out a firearm and shot someone without warning them first.
  3. its not about sharing cases. I agree, I like making money and more so, I like roleplaying as a lawyer. It's about being able to discuss and build on it. Whether if you discuss ur cases with someone or not doesn't mean you won't get a case. It's about if you accept it in time.
  4. The Law Room is made. Whether you join via in game talk (being asked for RP) or joining via government web to be officially stated by. On top of everything else, I'm not the only one I want running this. So I'm giving people permissions.
  5. could be, im not sure what else there is as far as roleplay that it could be. but we all check in the same building
  6. If you like RolePlay, this could add to it. For us lawyers. It’s something we’d naturally do. Discuss the laws and meet each other. I, for one, only know one lawyer that I’ve chatted to. To make this more realistic. I can ask you to join the community in game instead of through here. but please vote so I can know if this is a good idea.
  7. Here’s my idea, not sure if someone already has done it but... I want to create a group. A group where all lawyers join and we chat together and create a community like mechanics have already just by grouping at 2/6. Or police have by working together. I suggest we could help another out with cases, talk about legal stand points and processes. Discuss angels and the law. We could share what we found out about the law with another Incase it may come of use in the future. ALSO it could help new, incoming lawyers to our practice. Police have rides alongs, what do we have? I want to see who supports this idea of bring people together in the lawyer track, before I make this a reality.
  8. As I understand it, you accept a call and it will tell you if that call has already been accepted; yet if it has you still get a marker on your map to the location. Today I accepted a call, this call 'accepted already' message did not come through as I've seen it have before; not for me or the other lawyer. This, I believe, is a huge issue. I don't want to fight over who gets the case, I'm here for fun... not tension of whether I will drive to a location for nothing. First come, first serve I get. But my understanding is that people also think that if you get to the case first, no matter who accepted the call first... they can steal it. I do not want to spend all my time on the server, staying at the police office and waiting while doing nothing. Please fix this. I suggest that whoever accepts the call first gets it so people don't have to drive for nothing. I suggest it will not show up on the person's mini map if it has already been accepted. Please make it fair and not a waste for those of us who believe they will are getting a case. It can cause conflict. Thank you for reading.
  9. I see where you're coming from. I was curious what other people thought so hence the poll. Also I saw a post about it, I thought this might get their attention, give people a chance to show if they are interested in it. You never know what future the devs could be thinking. Whatever they decide they've done this great so far, I'm sure it will continue to be.
  10. they would need that definitely. Or they could have you pay as soon as you walk in
  11. Answer this poll? What should be done with mechanics?
  12. I wish they could let mechanics upgrade! Make it a ladder you climb for the career. Why do we give all our money to only the custom jobs? We should regulate it and keep it in the server.
  13. that'd be pretty cool. I'd like it to be optional though, so you don't accidentally run out with items haha. I always find myself leaving in a hurry for a job im doing. My calls come out of no where
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