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    • The idea isnt for mechanics to be paid fully by this system, the idea is for mechanics to be able to make a little bit more then they do off tips, enough to encourage mechanics to spread around and keep 2/6 abit less busy. I was actually in a server today with 3 mechanic shops open and 2/6 was actually tolerable to be around. With the numbers i suggested mechanics still wouldnt make much. but if people dont tip its still something. I know people avoid mechanics longer then they need to because like Benjamin says people spend alot of money on car repairs (some repeat visits every 5-10 minutes). Additionally, mechanics only make okay money when there is only one of them active, and i dont think thats what we should be aiming for.
    • For those that are complaining about the fines being too much for doing illegal jobs let me put it in perspective: 1.  Possession of weed - 5k 2.  Possession of Controlled Substance (Meth and Coke) - 10k 3.  Incidental charges for contraband (dirty money, lock picks, seeds, kits) - 2k As I said earlier getting caught with those items is not what's hurting your ability to make money.  You have a choice.  IRL most of the people who get caught using or dealing drugs don't get into a huge gun fight with the cops - not all of them run.  That is where the fines start to increase.   You have a lot of choice in the outcome of your story.  Mix it up... sometimes the risk of the run can be a lot of fun... it's a choice. In addition you have the choice to provide really good RP to drive your charges down.  You also have the ability to team up and avoid even getting caught by working smartly in groups.  There are a multitude of options that YOU have that can influence the outcome in many different directions.  To me the in balance isn't in the fines, it's in the attitude that you have to shoot everything out.  Sometimes a little  bi directional understanding goes along ways. This does not have to be a legal vs illegal, civ vs cops, good vs bad topic.  If you want to grind to make some coin - fine, but just remember that the core experience here is to facilitate RP.  I use to love the grind of money - I find it fun and relaxing... and then I had what I needed to go screw around.  It's not so much about how you get to your RP journey just as long as you get there and don't constantly hide underwater or in a bush to avoid it
    • Welcome to the city beans! I have seen on twitter and I have yet to meet you, but I am looking forward to it.
    • I'd hardly call armed robbery with no pants on a petty crime 😂
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