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  1. Supply and demand. There are plenty of other jobs.
  2. FiveM has been a bit quicker on the updates recently, so hopefully it’ll be quicker than that. I would like to expand the casino once that happens, assuming there are no larger priorities. I fail to see how taxi is related to any of this though.
  3. Landing in the lower half of the city ideally should be kept to helipads (police pads are fine). The beach is touchy but should be fine for the most part. I would say no to “open grass spots” without a better definition. The hill behind 2/6 is a definite no. The carrier is fine.
  4. https://badlandsrp.com/forum/9-patch-notes/ Check out the patch notes to get an idea of how frequently we release content. Also keep in mind that content development is currently slower than usual due to most of our development time going towards bug fixes related to OneSync, but there is still stuff in the pipeline. Something exciting soon
  5. Wheels are temporarily disabled due to a onesync related bug. Parachuting already exists. Arm wrestling is really not possible. A fight club can be (and frequently is) done in RP. I would suggest spending more time learning what’s available on the server and expanding your RP abilities. We have countless players that are still generating fresh RP after years of playing here. If you’re bored after a few days, it probably suggests lack of creativity/knowledge of the server on your end (not intended as an insult)
  6. I want to try it, believe me, I really do. I even find myself having to resist making contact in certain cases. But transitioning from a hard-set rule like this is difficult, and as we’ve said, it previously didn’t work.
  7. It's really not, and no, people don't get banned for accidents. In fact, in many cases we deny VDM reports because we can't accurately tell if it was an accident or not. The rule is extremely simple. Do not intentionally ram players/vehicles. You're welcome to be biased all you want, but don't misrepresent your own history for the sake of trying to change a rule. Stuff like that is exactly why we're hesitant to be more lenient in the first place.
  8. Probably 0. I don't think either of us have any interest in doing development on the clusterfuck of code that powers the phones/twitter.
  9. Most of the rules we have are the results of "trial periods", as you suggest. The unfortunate reality is that in many cases, most rules need to be formed with an "all or nothing" mindset, otherwise people will abuse it. Frequently. I've often considered lightening the VDM rule, as there's many times that it would make sense to ram another player's vehicle. But as Tiller said, previously, it was not a good rule. Maybe we'll give it a shot in the future. Maybe not. Stay tuned?
  10. There’s no technical reason we can’t add more slots. But there are stability improvements I want to make to the system before we consider doing that. So no more slots for right now, but maybe in the future.
  11. This just sounds like a more tedious version of cocaine?
  12. Civilian body armor will never be a thing. There is already a method for obtaining small amounts of armor, but there are significant cons for it as well. This is the most we will ever offer in this regard.
  13. We can't add mods that don't exist in the game.
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