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  1. Server Rules Current as of January 3, 2021 Welcome to Badlands RP. We are a large FiveM role-play community with members from all regions of the globe. Our rules are structured to promote RP over rule play whenever reasonable or possible. The defined rules below function as a framework to promote a fair, fun, and balanced experience on our server. Our hope is that all community members will strive to promote role-play and enjoyment of the role-play community at all times. General Rules Role-play Our expectation is that you put thought and effort into your RP and that your interactions, behaviors, and actions are all based on RP appropriate to the given scenario. We encourage you to develop a character persona and that your interactions be based on that characters story and personality. Your character cannot and should not be a ‘master of all trades’. Players should choose jobs and activities that align with their backstory. All players must have a working and quality microphone at all times. We are an English speaking server. Please use English for all game voice and text communication. You should remain in character. If there is a problem, RP the scenario out and file a player report after without bringing it up in game New Request - BadlandsRP. Breaking RP (including /ooc) could result in corrective action. Your actions should be based on your character's persona and appropriate to the RP scenario. Use of /ooc should only be to ask a question or provide help. It’s encouraged that players learn about server mechanics in game and not through the use of /ooc. Characters must have a proper in game identity consisting of a first and last name. If you choose to have multiple characters on the server, these characters should be unique and have no relationship to each other. They are not allowed to be a part of the same gang or business and you are not allowed to transfer items or money between them. Players shall RP out any injuries obtained in game and their character actions should take these injuries into consideration. This includes any injuries recently addressed by EMS or at the hospital. In order to rob a player, you must be directly involved and have a valid RP reason to do so. You should not be pocket wiping players, using it as a farming tool or robbing incapacitated players you come upon without having been involved with the scenario. Erotic and Suicide RP are prohibited. General Behavior Harassment and repetitive trolling that impacts other players experiences in a negative way can result in corrective action by a staff member. Hate Speech, sexual harassment, sexual assault and inappropriate sexual comments, personal attacks on players and spamming side chat are all examples of unacceptable behaviors. In addition, repeatedly blocking players from accessing content in the game may result in removal from the servers. Players are prohibited from doing a robbery within 20 minutes of a server reset. If you share, allow, or fail to secure your PC from others, you are still responsible for any actions that occur on BLRP servers. Disruptive Behavior Any behavior that is deemed disruptive by the staff may result in a kick, or ban from the server. Disruptive behavior is defined as any behavior that negatively impacts the game play experience of other players. Examples include VOIP spam, horn spam, police baiting, pocket wiping/chain robbing and out of character discussion. Directly or indirectly threatening another player with a player report or admin action with the intent to intimidate them. Players observed spamming service calls (911, towing, taxi, etc) may receive a kick or temporary ban. Players observed abusing job mechanics for the sake of being disruptive will receive a temporary ban. Random Death Match (RDM) With our focus on RP over rule play, the responsibility on the player is to use violence where it’s appropriate and reasonable to the engagement. We encourage verbal interactions before the use of guns and other violent means. Not every conflict needs to have weapons or guns involved. For example, killing a cop over a joint in your pocket or attacking someone for a scratch in your car may not make sense unless there are other factors in play. If violence is appropriate the following should be considered: Using violence against another player or group without role play leading up to the event is not allowed. You must either state a clear and reasonable demand to an intended target, with reasonable time to respond, or there must be adequate RP leading up to the event in such a manner that all parties recognize the sense of tension and hostility. Hostile RP is valid for 1 hour from the point of initiation. The use of a 'hitman' is not allowed. You are allowed to work with other players to track an individual down however if you want them dead, you are responsible to RP out the scenario yourself. Text (including the /me command) may not be used to initiate hostile RP. Vehicle Death Match (VDM) A vehicle may only be used in immediate, last resort self defense. ie. there is someone standing in front of your vehicle pointing a gun or shooting at you. It should not be used to chase down and run over other players during hostile roleplay. Vehicles may also be used to escape a barricaded location, or to disable another player's during a vehicle chase. All other uses of a vehicle as a weapon are prohibited. Kidnapping If you kidnap another player it's expected that they be held for no longer than 15 minutes unless they choose to continue with scenario. The player shall indicate their request to be released if they are not wiling to RP past the initial 15 minute timer. EMS is a neutral faction on BLRP and as such have no means to defend themselves. As such, EMS may not be held hostage or kidnapped for any reason while they are on duty. Kidnapping players is prohibited at the integrity apartments. Combat Logging, Storing, and Re-spawning Disconnecting from the server or using the re-spawn function to avoid active RP is considered Combat Logging and will result in corrective action. Storing a vehicle into your player garage that has been used as part of the RP scenario is also considered combat logging. Exploiting BLRP has gone through great efforts to ensure that you have all that you need to have an enjoyable and fair experience on our servers. The use of external tools which give you an advantage in game are considered an exploit. This includes, but is not limited to: The use of external cross hairs. The use of macros and scripts to automate functions in a manner which gives you an unfair advantage by reducing the time to execute those actions in game. Abusing a bug in the game or mechanics. This includes glitching into the map, duping money, etc. Meta Gaming Do not use information gained outside of the game-play environment to your benefit, or to locate, stalk, harass or interfere with another player's experience. The use of external communications (ie: Discord, Twitch Chat) to relay or learn in game information is prohibited. External communication should not be used to disrespect or otherwise harass members of the community (directly or indirectly). Disputes between players should remain respectful and in-character at all times. While connected to the server you cannot actively watch or interact (through twitch chat) with a streamer that is also playing on the server. However you can join their stream and mute/minimize it in-order to support the streamer. Game Play Unrealistic Game Play Players should not perform actions which would pose a significant threat to the player’s life in situations where one would not realistically perform that action. Examples include taking extreme jumps off mountains, buildings, and bridges with your vehicle. Players should not utilize unrealistic game mechanics to perform unrealistic actions. Some examples include (but are not limited to): carrying a player on your shoulder while riding a motorcycle, getting inside the trunk of vehicle where you would not realistically fit or does not have a trunk, walking around with a parachute or SCUBA gear equipped when not skydiving or diving, or dropping materials in areas you know other players cannot search or find them. Power Gaming We do not support a must win or must lose mentality at BLRP. Your actions should be focused on promoting RP within and outside of your group. You should not take advantage of in game mechanics or server rules to gain an unfair advantage over other players. There are no predictive outcomes in RP and your actions should not attempt to control the narrative of other players. You are not allowed to force a condition or belief on others. This includes supernatural rp, coming back from the dead, etc. You may, however, RP your belief of those situations. Server restarts, timeouts, or disconnects should not be used to change the direction of a RP situation. For example, a kidnapping victim should not use the opportunity to attack kidnappers. You should not use the rules of the server to gain an unfair advantage. An example of this would be baiting a smaller group into hostile interactions as a means to bypass gang rules (defined below). Value of Life, New Life Rule (NLR), and Revenge Killing Players should value their lives at all times and should make reasonable attempts to preserve their life in any situation. This includes response to hostile interactions as well as avoiding risks in game which would jeopardize their health. During hostile RP it’s expected that you’ll follow reasonable demands from a hostile player when you are in an indefensible situation. This does not mean that the first person to brandish a weapon gets to control the scenario as players are allowed to defend themselves from hostilities if an appropriate opportunity presents itself. Upon incapacitation of a player during hostile RP, neither player may re initiate hostile RP with, or attack the other players, for 15 minutes. There should be a valid reason within RP to participate in revenge hostilities to avoid an endless cycle of violence between parties. Green Zones BLRP has created some areas on the map that are considered Green Zones. The purpose of these zones are to promote and foster RP between potential criminals, the LSPD and DOJ. No external attacks or breakouts from these locations are allowed. For example, if you are detained in MRPD, your group cannot storm MRPD to free you. Given the opportunity, you are allowed to use force to break yourself out. Note: Kidnapping players is prohibited at the integrity apartments. Gangs Gangs are defined as any organized group of players that engage in illegal or hostile RP. Gangs, when possible, should develop a backstory which includes how they were started, what their goals/mission are, identify their turf, etc. The BLRP staff reserve the right to disband any gang that breaks server rules or behaves in an overly toxic manner. The police are not considered a gang however their behavior, response, and numbers will be controlled through the Standard Operating Procedures of each department in coordination with the BadlandsRP Staff. Gang Behavior Active gang members should wear attire that matches style and color in such a manner that they are easily identifiable as a gang. Gangs are expected to participate in RP and should only engage in hostile activities if it makes sense as part of their RP Story. Gangs should not harass or otherwise disrupt the game play of other players. Conflicts between gangs should remain civil and within RP at all times. Gang Sizes There is no limit to the number of members that can belong to a given gang, however gangs are limited to a maximum of 5 active players that are participating in an illegal or hostile scenario. This includes the following: Gang members participating in the RP scenario in any fashion such as providing information as a lookout or, functioning as a getaway driver Gang members seeking to rescue other gang members who are being detained. The detained members count towards the maximum of 5. The exception is for the PRISON BUS TRANSPORT ONLY where the incarcerated do not count towards the gang count. Upon being freed, they are expected to flee the scene and not take part in hostilities. Gangs should not ally with other players, gangs, or security groups to increase their effective size. This includes not only illegal and hostile activities but also relaying information for an active scenario. Gang Violence Initiating hostile RP on any active member of a gang, or being initiated on, constitutes initiation with all active members who are present at that location. Gang members arriving after hostilities have begun must properly integrate themselves into the RP scenario by initiating in a reasonable manner. Gang violence must adhere to all server rules, including hostile initiation, NLR, and meta gaming. Police Raids Gangs are allowed to have up to 10 active hostile members if and only if the LSPD communicates a coordinated raid on your gangs hideout. When undergoing a raid the hostility must be kept in the general area of the hideout. If the LSPD backs away from the scene then the raid should be considered finished. Once the situation is over the allowed hostile gang members should be reduced back to 5.
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