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  1. You’re not going to get paid more for doing nothing. Lawyer already gets a larger paycheck when actually working, and mechanic income is largely tip based.
  2. From a developer perspective, I also don’t like the idea of further fragmenting the UI. I already hate the fact that we have two separate “phones”. I wouldn’t want to add a separate UI for inventory while still keeping the same UI for things that also interact with the inventory indirectly (ie: resource gathering)
  3. This is the correct answer. For #2, your car is out of gas. Not a bug.
  4. Have you explored the map? The majority of our jobs aren't at the job center.
  5. On the other hand, if my wife gets my $6 million dollar car impounded, maybe I don’t want her having it back.
  6. speed

    Patch 3.11

    Hotfix - Increased shop money laundering amount to $2,000 per minute - Added 15 minute cool-down for police raids (same as robberies)
  7. If the vehicle is locked, that would be exploiting.
  8. Demolition derbies are hosted fairly frequently by the staff team already. Staff involvement allows for a broader selection of vehicles, more rounds in less time, and generally attracts more people. I would reach out to @Serena if you're interested in working together.
  9. Not true. Those handlers are already removed in our code. Serpico has identified a way to do it, but again... work.
  10. We don't have direct control over some of the messages that appear in chat, disconnects being one of them. Hiding them would actually take a hefty amount of work.
  11. You only need to do it once every time you join the server. Stop being lazy.
  12. There is already a fairly lengthy process police must complete in order to raid a shop. Anyone paying attention to their shop would not have a difficult time getting away with it. Because this is a game, not a grinding simulator. I design these systems the way I do with the intention that people will spend time figuring out how they work on their own and create their own tactics, not read guides written by someone else who has already done the work for you. To me, it's about the experience of coming in clueless and learning how to be the best by your own accord. If you want to listen to everyone on the forums saying the world is ending because they can't launder $2 million in 5 seconds, sure. However, the logs disagree. Toggling dirty money does not trigger alerts.
  13. The alert rate hasn’t changed, except for a few triggers that, if you happen to trip, you deserve to be raided anyways. Stop being stupid with your money, and think like a criminal.
  14. Which is entirely intentional. These items can only be purchased from player owned shops, giving them more of a purpose and making them more profitable.
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