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  1. The current community vote is to not do a public release, but to release it privately to specific people we trust are technically savvy enough to start and maintain it. As a developer, I'm in favor of open sourcing the code so anyone can learn and benefit from it. As a community manager, though, I understand why so many people are against it.
  2. There are several factors leading to why we aren't willing to do this. The most simple explanation is that we're protecting the Badlands brand, and what it means to be a Badlands server. Obviously, though, this has caused a lot of confusion and frustration, so I'll try to explain our reasoning a little more. -- The first and most important reason is the protection of our players. We don't collect a lot of personal information, but we do collect some, to tie your player ID to you, for example. IP address, Steam ID, Discord, Rockstar, etc. Other information like chats, texts, phone records, etc. Hundreds of millions of logs detailing basically everything you do on the server. It's a lot of information that I'm sure people would not appreciate us just "handing over" to someone else, especially someone not particularly well known in the community. -- Second, and kind of ties into the first, is the technical side. Badlands is not your typical game server. Not even remotely close. In fact, in the last 2.5 years, we've had probably less than 30 minutes of total downtime due to malicious actors (DDoS attacks etc, not including DoS exploits in FiveM itself). This is pretty much unheard of for a gaming community, and something I'm actually extremely proud of, especially considering, like any popular game server, we've been under more or less constant DDoS attack for ages now. But being able to achieve that requires a complex network. Behind our single game server sits roughly 15 other servers and external services, all supporting the game itself, or other operations needed to keep things running smooth. Understanding the network is difficult enough, but transferring ownership of it would be near impossible. The billing, accounts, etc. It's too much. -- With those two things in consideration, that really only leaves the option of giving our code to someone else, for them to start brand new. And while we could do that fairly easily, it would also defeat most of the purpose of handing it off. After all, your main frustration isn't that the server itself is going away, it's that your work will be lost, yes? We really do understand the pain and frustration in this decision. It really was the hardest part about all of this, because we do realize that we're not the only two people that have put significant amounts of time and effort into Badlands. But ultimately we feel it was the right choice. I'll discuss with Serpico one more time, and we'll make a final decision, but I would not expect a change in view.
  3. 2.5 years ago, @Serpico, @SneakyAzShiite, @Ozadu and myself began working on a project that would eventually become BadlandsRP. With each of us having backgrounds in playing, administrating, and developing for RP communities, we looked to FiveM with excitement for the possibility to start something fresh, and the ability to follow our own visions towards building a community without the limitations and complications we'd faced in previous communities. We never envisioned that what we started would quickly become one of the largest public RP communities on FiveM. To this day, we are still one of the largest and longest surviving communities, thanks to the tens of thousands of players that have called Badlands home and contributed their own efforts towards our success. We never imagined that what we built would lead to such incredible friendships, and in some cases, relationships and even families. The last few years have not been without challenges. We've experienced it all, from players intentionally trying to harm Badlands and wishing for our failure, servers and databases randomly becoming corrupted at 2AM, being forced to migrate large portions of our code or even entire server architecture, you name it. But through it all, we've had an amazing group of dedicated players that continue to call Badlands home and support the community, giving us the drive to power on. Unfortunately, while Badlands continues to grow and experience much of the success we always have, Serpico and I have struggled to maintain the motivation and enjoyment we once had for developing for FiveM. 2.0, in many ways, was meant to re-ignite the passion we once had for development. Something new. Different. Ultimately, it only turned out to be a temporary band-aid for a much larger problem. After months of beating around the bush, we've come to the same conclusion. We've lost interest in FiveM. We never intended for Badlands to extend beyond FiveM. The idea was always that Badlands was born here, and would most likely die here. But looking at what Badlands has become, the friendships and camaraderie that have formed here, we've realized we neither can, nor want to end Badlands itself. With that realization comes some very difficult decisions. Originally, I had intended to let the FiveM server continue on without developer support, for as long as anyone was interested in it. After discussion with Serpico and the staff team, coming to the conclusion that we want Badlands to exist beyond FiveM, we've decided to take actions towards preserving the Badlands brand. Allowing a server to run unsupported would ultimately diminish the reputation Badlands has built over the last few years, and harm our ability to move forward. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue the FiveM server at the end of December. The staff team has committed to supporting the server through this time, at which point it will be shut off. What does this mean for Badlands? Serpico, the Staff, and myself have all expressed interest in beginning a new project on the heels of FiveM. The timeline above is not coincidental. As I'm sure most of you are aware, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on PC next week. CitizenFX, the group behind FiveM, have committed to a release of a similar project, titled RedM, before the end of 2019. We are tentatively committing to a Badlands RedM server moving forward. If RedM is released as promised, in a state that allows us to make our visions a reality, this will be the future of Badlands. I want to make it very clear that this plan is tentative. We have no control over RedM, and are only able to work with the foundation that is provided to us. If RedM is not released, or is not as expected, we will move forward with the hope to start a new project somewhere, sometime, but with no definitive plans. Finally, I want to thank everyone, past and present, that has made Badlands what it is today. Every Staff member, LSPD officer, LSFD medic, business owner, gang leader, and player alike has influenced us more than you will ever know. While it's extremely difficult to write this message now, I have no doubt that we have a bright future ahead of us.
  4. Sure you are, but then another member's opinions and concerns on the subject are no more "proof that 2.0 is going to be more of the same" than yours are "unneeded negativity". Can't have your cake and eat it too.
  5. You're criticizing the staff team for being worried about potential abuse, while in the same thread, people are suggesting sniper rifles as a counter to the mechanic? 2.0 is a process, not a simple on/off switch like you seem to be expecting. Yes, it is our responsibility to develop the server and the community in a way that promotes the RP we expect to see in 2.0, but development means nothing if the mindset of the community is not in line with the mechanics we're providing. In time, more things will become possible, but don't expect perfection on day one. Yes, we're removing many restrictions in 2.0, and will remove more as the community gets settled. But we're not going to blindly add mechanics to the server without considering the potentials for abuse, even in a whitelisted community, especially at the onset. Further, the concerns and general thoughts of a single staff member don't mean that's exactly how the mechanic would be implemented, if it were. Serpico and I frequently discuss our concerns about suggestions, and then find a way to implement in a way that aligns with our goals, even if it varies significantly from the original suggestion. So for you to use a single staff member's non-official comment on a single suggestion as "proof" that 2.0 is going to be "more of the same", perhaps it's not for you at all. Your negativity isn't needed here. For everyone else, feel free to keep the suggestions coming. I do like this idea, but I also want to see how you guys think such scenarios would play out in the server.
  6. It's been discussed a few times. We're not a big fan of mixing IC/OOC things like that.
  7. Sometimes people die. That's part of the game.
  8. The issue is that, like @Matthew Evans said, certain functions are tied to your car's license plate. So while it would definitely be *possible*, it would take quite a bit of work to move those functions over to something else, and then there's the possibility of it being even less reliable than it is currently.
  9. Care to explain for the person asking?
  10. We are starting to work on ideas for recognizing members of the community for their contributions outside of their typical responsibilities. That said, like the others have expressed, I'm not sure Discord roles are the best way to handle that, especially for temporary awards.
  11. There's no technical reason we can't add more slots, it's just more of a matter of how many people would actually use them? Currently, only 438 people are using all 3 slots.
  12. We're taking a slightly different approach to "failRP", largely because I literally can't stand the word. I also don't like players trying to dictate what does and does not constitute "failrp". The rule in question: I would say that taking a cop hostage in a police station would realistically be a very good way to get yourself shot.
  13. No. You're completely misunderstanding the mission. It's an Air Drop mission, not a Create Rescue mission. You need to be above 1000m altitude to drop a crate. The objective is to land as close to the center as possible.
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