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  1. The current community vote is to not do a public release, but to release it privately to specific people we trust are technically savvy enough to start and maintain it. As a developer, I'm in favor of open sourcing the code so anyone can learn and benefit from it. As a community manager, though, I understand why so many people are against it.
  2. There are several factors leading to why we aren't willing to do this. The most simple explanation is that we're protecting the Badlands brand, and what it means to be a Badlands server. Obviously, though, this has caused a lot of confusion and frustration, so I'll try to explain our reasoning a little more. -- The first and most important reason is the protection of our players. We don't collect a lot of personal information, but we do collect some, to tie your player ID to you, for example. IP address, Steam ID, Discord, Rockstar, etc. Other information like chats, texts, ph
  3. Sure you are, but then another member's opinions and concerns on the subject are no more "proof that 2.0 is going to be more of the same" than yours are "unneeded negativity". Can't have your cake and eat it too.
  4. You're criticizing the staff team for being worried about potential abuse, while in the same thread, people are suggesting sniper rifles as a counter to the mechanic? 2.0 is a process, not a simple on/off switch like you seem to be expecting. Yes, it is our responsibility to develop the server and the community in a way that promotes the RP we expect to see in 2.0, but development means nothing if the mindset of the community is not in line with the mechanics we're providing. In time, more things will become possible, but don't expect perfection on day one. Yes, we're removing many restri
  5. It's been discussed a few times. We're not a big fan of mixing IC/OOC things like that.
  6. The issue is that, like @Matthew Evans said, certain functions are tied to your car's license plate. So while it would definitely be *possible*, it would take quite a bit of work to move those functions over to something else, and then there's the possibility of it being even less reliable than it is currently.
  7. Care to explain for the person asking?
  8. We are starting to work on ideas for recognizing members of the community for their contributions outside of their typical responsibilities. That said, like the others have expressed, I'm not sure Discord roles are the best way to handle that, especially for temporary awards.
  9. There's no technical reason we can't add more slots, it's just more of a matter of how many people would actually use them? Currently, only 438 people are using all 3 slots.
  10. We're taking a slightly different approach to "failRP", largely because I literally can't stand the word. I also don't like players trying to dictate what does and does not constitute "failrp". The rule in question: I would say that taking a cop hostage in a police station would realistically be a very good way to get yourself shot.
  11. No. You're completely misunderstanding the mission. It's an Air Drop mission, not a Create Rescue mission. You need to be above 1000m altitude to drop a crate. The objective is to land as close to the center as possible.
  12. No they're not. But they do heavily impact server stability, and cause significantly more desync and crashes for players. Not weekly, but we typically do a monthly/bimonthly meeting depending on availability. Weekly would be too much and the questions would be repetitive
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