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  1. It's possible, however any "live" website we embed needs to be hosted by badlands.
  2. Yes and the EMS situation is something I've been desperately wanting to solve. I completely agree. We will find a way.
  3. It works when we have taxi drivers. But not when there are few people online, and creates a bad experience for those people. Ill point out the negatives - Its a good idea, but we need a way to combat the morning times or when no taxi's are servicing.
  4. Will be added, => soon.
  5. Will be checking out armor, it's intended to stay.
  6. As we try to move to be more business based, the future may show different food organizations that let you continue doing your job, while you can purchase food/meal products from a uber type service or some sort of restaurant system. This will hopefully help both sides, making it still a rare and valuable item but still allowing it to be obtained (fairly easily).
  7. NP, I just like to keep people wondering
  8. It tries to put it on the back, and if it fails it sets it to the middle of the vehicle. I can try to add it to the license plate or something. If you have any links on vehicles you should link them up
  9. Please keep information about where to get them quite, as that is character information. There are multiple ways to get multiple items. We do love suggestions, but some should be given to us through the support system to prevent leaks :). With the way features are coming in, there are going to be people that figure out the best ways, and some that figure out the worst. However if you feel like it's too much of a grind, please do submit a request so it can be looked into. Keep in mind that we love adding tricks and throwoffs.
  10. I actually meant to do this after I knew it was stable, will be added soon. (Blindness)
  11. What's wrong with cat girls
  12. Ill check that out. A problem I have been trying to solve. I may make it a prompt instead since that would 100% detect the car correctly.
  13. This is a quick guide on how to create a shortcut to launch fivem in high-priority automatic mode. This will help for users that experience issues falling through floors, issues when clicking or using interfaces within the game, and random issues that occur for some people. This won't fix everything but it is one of the first steps for performance related issues. Step One Find the location of the current fivem exe. To do this, right click on fivem -> properties. Copy the "target" at the top of the info box Step Two Right click on the desktop -> create shortc
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