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  1. Yay and nay. It is quite handy to be able to look back at what the call said, therefor if its in dispatch it would be nice. But it would also clutter up dispatch a little more.. from my personal experience the clutter isn't that bad at all, but that might be different for other PD members (different on-duty times). So, i think it should be put into dispatch to be able to look back at what the call said. However if there is a way that we can maybe have a secondary dispatch for these type of alerts that would be awesome.
  2. +1 from me The way PD's dispatch system currently works is that if we get any type of call/alert it sticks in dispatch until you disconnect from the server. So it would not really help clutter wise, but it would be more realistic to not have to dial 911 for someone to come down there. (The service bell could also be used for people needing an officer to report a crime, turn themselves in, etc) So, IRL you always have a desk officer sitting behind the counter, LSPD does occasionally have a desk officer on-duty but usually there is none. I feel like the service bell would also come
  3. + 1 from me, would love to see strength go up by cycling, jogging etc.
  4. + 1 from me, this would make trucking more enjoyable and improve the RP around trucking (There's currently none). It would also be really cool if you could purchase trailers from people, same as cars.
  5. Whilst we are on the topic of going blind. What about blindfolds?
  6. That is very true, therefor you can also reject if someone wants to throw something at you. But i can see this be very useful/cool for throwing knives, axes and other weapons at people as well. As of now you can't throw any of those things while irl you can. And maybe add the slight chance of missing someone, no one is 100% accurate.
  7. So it recently came to my attention that we now have things like potatoes, slices of cheese, tomatoes etc in the city. And i thought to myself what if you were able to throw those things at people as a funny joke or even use them as weapons. How its going to work: - You for example have a potato in your pockets - If you click on the potato you'll have the option to "throw" it - You need to be standing fairly close to the person you want to throw it at - The person can then either press F1 or F2 just like the shared emotes - If the person presses F1 you do a throwing animation (M
  8. Welcome! Can't wait to run in to you some day
  9. Welcome aboard @srlloyd1, Enjoy your stay!
  10. What i usually do is reach out to an Admin on discord and set up a meeting somewhere (usually at an airport) and test out some cars. But an actual test-drive feature would be really nice. +1
  11. @BRMCJoker23 You'll have to have FiveM installed along with TokoVOIP version 1.2.5 on teamspeak. FiveM client: https://fivem.net/ Handy guide for TokoVOIP: And the last thing left to do before you get into the city/server is reading the rules:
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