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  1. I would love to see an actual 1911 model in the server, they're great guns. ^ I am going to agree with this though, i too have a crim char and it is fairly easy to shoot down cops with an Mk2 pistol. Especially now with a crosshair.
  2. Alright, so there's been a new update to GTA5 (The tuners DLC) and with that update there came new rims/wheels and suspension options. I would love to see those get added into the server. And also, whilst we are at it.. Would it be possible to introduce paint jobs with Hex codes? GTA5 has had that option for a long time now, you can make some awesome custom paint jobs with it. Not sure if i posted this under the correct topic, correct me if i'm wrong
  3. +1 on this for the most part, it could be very unfair towards criminals if cops were able to have a panic button without it being able to be countered by crims. Lets say that if you're in zip-ties, got your hands up or if they took your radio your panic button dissapears. If crims don't take your radio and don't pay attention.. well that's on them.
  4. My 1st pick is FiveMRP on BLRP but i'm also big into FPS games like Csgo and Rust. I also sometimes play simulation games like Assetto Corsa and Euro Truck Simulator 2
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