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  1. +1 takes away alot of the boredom, my cousin Frank usually just sits there in his head. But it would be nice to have something to do. I heard they were also working with prison wardens or something already but i don't see them around alot.
  2. Welcome to badlands! Hope you enjoy your stay! Also be sure to read over the rules:
  3. I like the idea, Maybe also make it so that if you don't have a gun license you can only obtain guns via other people or the illegal gun dealer. I don't like the ability of being able to drive without a license. Maybe make it so that you at least have to complete the theory test at the driving school before you can drive a vehicle. Also, if you don't have a license i think you should not be able to access your garage, just like the plane/helicopter garage's when you don't have a pilots license. +1
  4. I like this a lot, maybe also make it so that you automatically get dressed in swimming trunks when you get in a pool/enter the ocean? I believe GTA 5 already has that feature. +1
  5. I like the idea, but its only a matter of time before everyone finds out the new locations.. +1 ish
  6. Paul Garcia


    Welcome back @King1876!
  7. Welcome to the city @Agent Moses! Be sure to read the rules before you hop in
  8. +1 Really hope pets become a thing again (If possible). And i agree, there should be more fun non-money oriented activities in the city.
  9. Welcome/Welcome [email protected]! Hope you enjoy your time in the city! I look forward to meeting ya IC someday.
  10. Hey there @Tiffani! So if you are "not eligible to join this server" you will need to put in a eligibility application. -> https://badlandsrp.com/forum/71-eligibility-application-instructions/ Also, If you are new i would recommend reading through the server rules And you also need TokoVoip to be able to play/talk on this server. There is a handy guide for that aswell! And the last thing left do to is having fun on the server/city!
  11. Welcome to the city @DeejayX617! Make sure to read through the rules before you get in the city/server.
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