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  1. While I do agree with @Coach, I do feel moving on with 2.0 and being less restrictive with stuff, with respect to abuse control / balancing should stand out. I feel that we can push forward with Police Badges and if it becomes something that does end up as a collection factor then either regulate it or penalize the people who do it with no real RP Reason behind it. We need to stop penalizing all for a few.
  2. Welcome! If you need any sort of help, the majority of the community are really helpful and will be more Than happy to help! Enjoy your stay!
  3. Well, when you say “going at each other” you have to consider a few things. Balancing, rule regulations, and overall mission and aim for this function. The aim with 2.0 has always been to provide more freedom, content and foundations to allow each member of the community, a platform for endless RP possibilities. To build stories, that potentially can last months. Part of this change came the intention to help gangs, as they are a vital part of a community along side other factions and civilians. Not all gangs have, but a very small minority still do have The senseless gunplay, trigge
  4. Drivable wheelchairs I believe could make some interesting roleplay scenarios and could make some characters even more immersive than they are at their current stage. Wheelchairs can be bought by EMS and given to civilians who have been 'medically checked' and some people may even opt to create characters with no lower leg function which could bring unique RP scenes. Obviously the only issue I can see coming with it is a cluster of people in wheelchairs when it is first implemented however, with all new things I believe they will slowly decrease in usage until people who really want to
  5. Well if that’s the case please resort to your ISP or check your firewall. Also if you didn’t, try “f8” “connect fivem.blrp.net” with your WiFi (Obviously without the “”)
  6. Hello! This is a known issue to people with the following: Trying to connect using Sever List Having Poor Connection Firewall is blocking essential connections ISP Issues The most common way to resolve this is by pressing "F8" and then typing "connect fivem.blrp.net" as the server list is not working. [Try using Mobile Internet if the method provided isn't working.] For more help and support, please join the BadlandsRP discord and ask in #general-help. This is the Discord link, press here
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