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  1. Welcome and enjoy your stay! If you have any questions feel free to reach out!
  2. I understand where Lewka is coming from all aspects. And I actually agree to an extent. So you can’t “lock” the clothing store being because people keep changing their “clothes”. what I’m against, from what I understand, they are using PEDs and once they do the crime they completely change their PED. That I find unrealistic and would give a timer for that. But as long as they are all using the same Group of PED then it’s a dress code you can tell that they are in a gang, but if they were using a custom model and they keep changing their clothes when they do a crime, that’s smart and nothing against that. In regards for voice, according to civilian rights, Officers may ID you based on your voice. So yeah I’m going to agree with Luna, if they are doing any sort of VDM/RDM record and get the ID’s and place in a player report.
  3. @Andreas Spartan Big shutout to making such a unique RP Scene Loved it. Keep Slaying!
  4. Generally, if we’re talking before 2.0, yes cops would be able to clock off and do crime and wouldn’t get in trouble for it whatsoever. But now that we’re moving forward to a whitelisted community, I believe people would know their limits to how far they can go being a corrupt cop without breaking any server rules and again that depends on if the server allows it or not. And with that being said, yes, I do believe they should have desk duty, administrative leave, etc.. it could bring potential RP and I think it would be pretty good.
  5. But that all depends on the policy of being a cop if it's allowed or not, server rule wise.
  6. Honestly, I don't find what you're saying adding up. Overall, it doesn't make sense for a cop to do criminal activity after clocking off. As a cop that is off-duty, he/she is still 'technically' on duty in a way (because they can still attend to calls and maintain stability when in urgent times). Being a cop involves intensive training and having a paycheck provided by the state. Being a criminal is mostly a high-risk, high reward type of pay. No one is forcing you to do crime. But you can't expect to keep doing crime and never ever get caught. There's no interactions nor any story in that point. Cops get an increase in pay every rank up they get, but no one said it was easy. As a criminal, doing the right crime full-time will get you stacks of money. But you should always expect and be ready to lose money. Logically speaking you don't lose money for being a cop by protecting a state. And regarding the "Should police characters stay clocked in all the time?", It depends on how much the player wants to roleplay as cop, there is no limit to how much one can stay on duty. But there is a limit to how many can be on duty depending on how many civs are in the city. "Is it fair that police get paychecks that help them do criminal activity when not clocked in?", See, in the end it's also up to the cop on how he/she spends his money off-duty, that's why it wouldn't be basically realistic, to do crime off-duty as a cop. The cop CAN do criminal activity, but if he/she gets caught then there will be consequences to the officers position.
  7. So as we move on into 2.0 the community would be more organized and trusted and will revolve more on Roleplay over ruleplay and RNG's. So I believe when an individual would get knocked out and let's say there was a scene where something would be passed from one individual to another you'd have consent to loot 1 item at a time per consent. Meaning they can loot one item and take x amount from that one item per consent. If they were to take another item he/she will have to get consent again before looting the one item. Of course this can be done using the F1 to accept and the F2 to deny system. They should also go through the F1 to accept and the F2 to deny system when they pick the item they want to loot. Please let me know what y'all think. Thanks
  8. Addition to gas masks? I'd think that would come in handy.
  9. Realistically this would also cause the hostage to cough. So how would this be implemented knowing it would make a hostages life in danger?
  10. The main dilemma of this is we don’t know what 2.0 is going to be like. Yes, it’s whitelisted so you’d expect that the people who are whitelisted understands and acknowledges the rules. But, that doesn’t mean that trolls or asshats wouldn’t come and be disruptive. Anybody can put one hour of their time into an application to get whitelisted. However, we are used to our community since we all know each other and the staffs are making sure that whitelisted members take these things serious. I agree with Kota, whitelisting should symbolize trust and acknowledgement to the rules and must be picked carefully, so you’d expect that the staffs would trust the whitelisted community more. In this case, I would suggest to give less restrictions but more attention to what’s happening.
  11. Instead of doing /helmet 0 1 you can do. /h 0 1 and instead of /glasses 0 1 you can do /g 0 1. This doesn't apply for mask
  12. I want to express my appreciation to all the members of the PD for keeping the city stable and always being fair and showing proper justice to the people. I really want to thank @Sheev Thornberry @Matthew [email protected] [email protected]@KyleTrump @Victor [email protected] and last but not least @Mia for everything you guys have done. You guys continue to make the city as fun as possible and I really am thankful knowing people like you guys.
  13. I feel that each business must have ranks in order to manage and keep the productivity working. If you are in a business with other in different time zones, there's a chance the business owner won't be on and you won't be able to produce unless the business owner keeps money in the business. Many have to wait for them to come on just to put the money. I suggest we have like a Co-Owner who can put and remove money out of the cabinet but won't have the full features of a business owner like inviting and kicking. This can be extremely helpful and can be very productive for each business.
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