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  1. I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while and I just felt that now’s the right time to share my thoughts. I think it would be useful to add a timer on how long you were on duty so that for the people who comes to do a specific amount of time can tell and makes it a lot easier on him/herself. Some people would say, “shift tab look how many minutes you played on the top left” yes that works but that’s if you directly clocked on as soon as you entered the city. Overall, it’s not something big but I see it beneficial and useful for keeping up with time. Please +1 if you think this is a good idea, thanks. - Matthew King
  2. Oh okay. I mean maybe it would be a special case so I guess that’s not happening.
  3. I see what you mean. This can be an event. So what he means is that there’s a car and let’s say “it’s stolen” and it would be somewhat a valuable car. So first to get it and gets away from the cop owns the car. But the cops target anyone whose in and out of the car. Meaning they’d try to get the cars that are chasing off the road and try to bust the driver until someone gets it and starts another pursuit.
  4. Perhaps not, there are fuel suppliers for nearly each garage. Also, since BLRP is going to enter 2.0 soon, we want to focus more on roleplay and stop the grind solemnly for cash. So people wouldn’t always grind for money. I’m relating this because some people would usually find it a challenge when they want to scuba dive and would have to go fuel the boat again. So there’s no proper reason to add it other than making the grind easier
  5. I can agree on everything you said that’s why I’d prefer that momentarily downed members wouldn’t be able to go out of whisper unless they are CPR’d by only members of the LSFD since some maybe salty to the LSPD. Or they’d be only to change from whisper to normal tops. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts!
  6. I mean for starters, the server is going to be whitelisted so you won’t see trolls and salty people yelling about how they’re downed on the floor. In real life you can’t stop someone from yelling from pain. If someone would be salty from being downed as in “not going with the scenario” and complains how he got downed without the immersion, then yes it would be disruptive behavior and is not tolerated in the server. That’s why I suggested it or when a EMT specifically performs CPR since it when EMT’s transport an individual to the hospital it would ruin the immersion not being able to hear the client in the back since they’d be stuck on whisper and ruins the immersion of transporting.
  7. True but that would be if there were others were around, I mean realistically you would want to hear the downed ones to save them and it just makes it hard for EMT’s to hear their patients when transporting because they’d be stuck on whisper
  8. Soo, as we all know, every time we get knocked down the voice box would be stuck on whisper. I get it when you’re hurt you tend sometimes to be like weak and could barley talk, but, when some people are hurt they might be screaming, and sometimes when EMS arrives and treat an individual but won’t be able to pick them up, doesn’t mean they are still weak and hurt, so there must be an option or more like a feature, either let downed individuals change the voice box, or when EMS arrives and operates on someone (only ems’ CPR) they can change voicebox. Also sometimes when you’re hurt you need to call for help by shouting but no one would hear you cuz you’re whisper. Soo please consider this, thank you very much :)
  9. Sure I'm willing to keep contributing and give ideas towards that
  10. Not many people would find this useful but I think it’s really valuable. I say add more roles to the discord server, like if someone got Corporal of the month or Paramedic of the month it would say as a role “Paramedic of October 2019” and same goes with any position that has the ability to achieve the monthly award
  11. I think it would be a great addition to add hospital rooms and patients to badlands 2.0. What do I mean? I mean when people get into REALLY bad injuries and need severe treatment/surgeries, I believe a new job as surgeons should play a role. I mean whenever someone is done with a surgery, they don’t just get on their feet and continue what they’re doing. They need to relax and recover and all that stuff. So I think it would be a great idea to add hospital rooms and visiting hours to check on the patient. Depending on the injury the time will vary. I say implement the same time as in the same time someone being sent to balling brook penitentiary. Not only will this add a more realistic role play, but also add on a more Value to ones life and do less reckless things.
  12. Well to all members of the LSFD we all know how bad or unused the fire truck is. But why? Why not give value to the fire truck and make use of it? I understand why the water jet isn’t there maybe to avoid trolls or abuse of such machine. But I believe we should give more value to the fire trucks or at least buff it. In order to give it more value, let’s start by fixing dispatch jobs the ones on the phone, maybe by adding a new scenario of a car on fire and would need an fire truck to put it out. Maybe a burning house/shop? I’m trying to add more role play to the table here. And trying to get more interactions.
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