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  1. +1, I had a "gang war" not too long ago with individuals not wearing anything similar whatsoever, so it was a guessing game who was in his group. I just waited to get shot at so I could shoot back, since none of them had the same clothing. It's frustrating and dumb, just a slight gray area. If you rob a store, I don't believe you need to have any similar clothing at all, but for gang related activity, you do.
  2. This is the only thing I agree with in this entire thread. This is against server rules, and if you report them, they get banned. And every serious gang in the city will be dressed the same at all times. Negleting people to change clothes or tear down a weapon sounds like WinRP mentality, which as a cop especially, is super toxic. You will catch that bastard you are looking for in the end, you don't have to catch him the same hour you are on shift.
  3. I would also love it to be able to equip a weapon, illegal or legal, even without a license. Just restrict buying from a store?
  4. The tackle is already keybinded to Shift + Q? And it's hard to tackle someone, so it's hard to abuse it... It feels like you've never been tackled by a cop before... You literally have to stand inside eachother for the tackle effect to work. A tazer is already 10x better, since it has range. That's like saying "dont give police tazers since they will just abuse it to shit to taze every suspect to catch them!!!" But yes, +1, the tackle is too short of an animation.
  5. The thread title gave me hope until I read this...
  6. I really like a lot of the ideas, and I believe a lot of them has already been suggested. Badlands needs more legal content, and once that's in place, I feel like the criminal side should get bigger too. Like robbing, the other jobs you mentioned, etc. But the development team quality checks and make sure they go about it slowly, so if they release something, it's not rushed and broken. This is both a pluss and a minus, since it means adding most of this will take months, if not years, but once they're added, it's really good. If I'm not mistken, there are only 2 devs right now (?), which is Serpico and Chain.
  7. Huge +1, it's really annoying hearing voices in your head after the radio is taken away, and if you don't get it back by the time you're in jail, you will hear the radio for 45 minutes in prison and can't even turn it off.
  8. Chan


    I don't mean to be that guy but it's been discussed for too long. Honestly a quick update just to allow normal lockpicks have a % success rate would be a huge deal.
  9. I was watching Serpicos stream a few weeks ago, and I noticed the gold mine was gone, so I told him in his chat. He then said that it was removed on accident. Not sure why it's still gone if that's the case tho. I miss the gold mine. If too many people were doing it, the mine got empty. Meth is grinding afk no interaction, scuba diving is no interaction, turbines is no interaction, wine is only interaction with your own friends, deliveries is no interaction, trucking is no interaction. If we use the excuse of "no interaction" then we should remove all jobs except mechanics to be honest.
  10. I don't mind stuff in changelogs, but I would want it to be more subtle.
  11. Open your radio and press the button top right. This will make you "leave" the channel, but you can still hear if people talk on the Global Channels, that you have with or without a radio. I feel your pain, it was really annoying during summary of my training to hear 6+ cops talking at once.
  12. I had a higher focus on the helicopter since it's 10x easier to actually use. You wouldn't neccesary need a plane for anything related to cocaine, as you can't park it remotely close to the coke labs. If trunk capacity of a helicopter is an issue for bringing large amount of drugs on a flight, we could always disable the trunk all together, so it's only the drugs they carry that fits on a helicopter. Like for example, 3/4 people are cooking coke at the labs, the pilot are already outside in the helicopter being scout and pilot, and when he sees cops or hear sirens, he radios them to notify them to leave NOW, and they all run out and the pilot gets them away in safety. But from what you type, it sounds kinda like a drug trafficking job for a plane, which also could be cool but not sure how it would be implemented.
  13. This has been a touchy subject in 1.0, and I feel like it should be brought back, since we are in a new era of "less restriction". As of now, I doubt anyone owns a helicopter/plane, but for later, I wish it was allowed to use it for crime. I don't see a reason it shouldn't, as trolling and griefing with planes are less likely now with whitelist. Yes, it gives civs an advantage, but I have thought of a way to balance it. Once the pilot is caught knowingly doing crime (maybe found parked at coke labs, or seen escaping police), he should lose his license. Here is a way to prevent people from abusing this, like a friend flying that doesn't have a license: Only a civilian with a pilot license can actually fly the helicopter, and if you don't own a license, it either won't start or the engine gets disabled, this way, when the pilot is caught, he is guaranteed to be the owner of the helicopter (at least have an expensive license) Also, the police force should have a aircraft radar or something similar so they can see who the owner of the helicopter is, so they aren't just anonymously flying around being overpowered. This way, it's high risk, high reward. You are basically guaranteed escaping police, but when caught, you lose the license. (100k down the drain) So it's up to the pilot to choose if they are willing to risk this. This will also promote RP (for criminals at least), you can promote on twitter that you are doing drug trafficing over the air, and the criminals can pay you to be their air taxi. Thoughts?
  14. I don't mind the whitelist, but there are low player counts in early EU time, from 0-5. It's a bit demotivating to play then. But I swear they had it public until hackers came and ruined the fun.
  15. You can already buy a weapon, use a weapon teardown kit and give it to someone else/or drop it. But the "trace back to original buyer" is not a thing.
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