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  1. I think that once a cop clocks off from his duty he should be allowed to do whatever he likes; however, this is a bit unrealistic as this would usually never be the case in the real world. I think the way cops and criminals are being payed is completely fair, and it's not only about the money, but the experience as well. If you want to pay as a criminal, that's your business and what you're going to earn is mainly up to how you perform and how well you can avoid the police.
  2. Awesome guys! Thanks a lot for your answers. ?
  3. Yeah I guess you're right. I still have a question though, are you guys going to continue to update the server with more content?
  4. Okay, I've been playing on this server for a few days now and let me just say that I love it here. ? Everyone I've met is super friendly and is great at role playing (most of the time), and I really feel like this is the RP server I'm probably going to remain in. I only have one little grudge, and it's that I feel like there's maybe too little to do in the server. First of all, I think there should be more things to do with money. Money is practically worthless once you have a pretty expensive car, and my friends and I aren't interested in buying pilots licences to buy planes and such. So my idea is to maybe add player housing and maybe the ability to add mods and paint jobs to weapons. The fact that there are only pistols in this RP server is also quite weird to me. I think that other weapons should definitely be added in but maybe given a few adjustments to make them less OP and they should most definitely have a high price tag on them (for anyone who isn't a cop). Maybe there should be quests behind managing to get some of the higher tier weapons. It's also quite disappointing that you can't change rims on vehicles. It IS realistic, so I see no reason as to why you can't change your rim style. There should also be more activities, maybe parachuting, arm wrestling, maybe even an illegal fight club could be held somewhere in Blaine County. A lot of these suggestions would really help keep the server a lot more fun than it already is, and I'm sure a lot of others would like to see these suggestions added to the game, as me and my friends have discussed this topic a lot while playing on the server.
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