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  1. C'mon, Serpico, let us draw dicks in the sky already.
  2. Welcome to Badlands. The forums are an OOC medium, and your issues could be better described using more concise OOC terminology instead of trying to make it sound in-character. That being said, bug reports would be filed here.
  3. We already have one. It's in the Ammu-nation. It's called a baseball bat. To elaborate: What roleplay comes from clicking a button and having a vehicle start smoking? All that accomplishes is the person coming back to their vehicle, saying "aw, fuck," repairing it, and being on their way. There's no chance of getting caught, facing retribution for your actions, and thus getting roleplay from the whole thing. You just mess about in the engine and fuck off. This would provide no RP value to the server whatsoever.
  4. Companies have Twitter accounts IRL, no?
  5. $1000 is less than half of an hour's worth of automatic sit-on-your-ass money from just being in the server. Don't spam ads and you'll be peachy.
  6. Storrent

    Patch 3.13

    okay but where's that minecraft server you've been promising since day one
  7. Wrong place. Post it here: https://badlandsrp.com/forum/74-eligibility-applications/
  8. If they're an inmate, they'll be warped back in after they walk out of the gate.
  9. We don't even read Miranda rights here. A court system in the Badlands environment at present is, in one word: infeasible. I don't see it working out further than it's right now, despite how cool it'd be.
  10. I could see this tying into the trucking job, having truck owners being able to take lumber trailers down to various locations in San Andreas.
  11. https://badlandsrp.com/forum/71-eligibility-application-instructions/
  12. Animations in GTA don't work for all models. Some were only made for the male MP model. Rockstar's choice (or lack thereof), not the Badlands Team's.
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