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  1. Guess Max'll never see the light of day. So sad.

    1. Reuben ~ Reckonity

      Reuben ~ Reckonity

      This is so sad, can I get 1 like please?

  2. please God no Did some muckin' around and it turns out the generic-lookin' jeans that overwrote the skinny ones are designed for use with belt badges like the LSPD detective ones. If we ever got SRT or a Gang Task Force, those are what they'd use to prevent clipping.
  3. I won't be playing Classic at launch for both financial reasons and due to the fact that I won't be able to do anything with the hundreds of gnomes flooding my precious Coldridge Valley. I'll chase after y'all in September
  4. Just play on an RPPVP server. That way, we're allowed to lose
  5. sanjay how are you doing it has been a minute or two
  6. "Looks like you have $x amount of dirty money on you, I'm just going to seize that here..." In pat-downs, don't separate real money and dirty money. It's not like each bill has "DIRTY" written on it in 72pt Comic Sans. There should be no way to distinguish in a pat-down. Either all money is seized or nothing is. Bills are tested at the station and it returns the amount that's dirty out of all of the seized cash. The current system is practically metagaming.
  7. Non-RP events on a roleplay server ? Please separate them, I don't want to play taser tag, Serena, I want to interact with other people
  8. People would just use this as an excuse to turn to tier lists and the like to find the fastest cars available. At least with the custom handling there's an aspect of trial and error.
  9. PvE servers are for the weak. (dwarf priest please take me with u)
  10. Lie about your age. If nobody finds out, you're doing something right. If they do, hopefully you've already established yourself as a mature member of the community and nobody should care that much.
  11. The most "tying up" that would have to be done is if an officer would get subpoenaed for the trial, which wouldn't always happen if a detailed report is made. Add one officer who volunteers to don an LSSD Deputy's uniform to serve as bailiff and the rest is handled by civilians.
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