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  1. The minimap already shows north in addition to the current PLD. We're fine as is.
  2. Fishing has been in the server since I've been around and before, and it's always been a mechanic that's just kinda... there. It's never been a spectacular moneymaker, and I would bet a large sum of money the code has sat largely untouched since its first implementation. It's a great way to chill out and socialize while making a little bit of money on the side. It is, however, woefully basic and has much room for improvement. My suggestions to improve fishing are as follows: - Vary the types of fish able to be caught. I'd rather catch a small trout or a hefty whitefish instead of a generic "High Quality Fish." - Regulate fishing. Overfishing is very much an issue IRL, and if fishing licenses were introduced alongside wildlife conservation laws it would make for an interesting "semi-legal" way of making money as well as introduce a use for law enforcement's marine units. - Let us cook our fish. The server has seen a lot more food making its way into the community, especially with the BadEats app, and letting people who own houses with grills have a seafood cookout is a logical step in the right direction. These are only a few ways the forgotten fishing system could be brought to the forefront of player's minds and expand passive roleplay further, out on the sea. I'm sure our community could think of more ways that this mechanic could get put to use, and I'm eager to hear what everybody's thoughts on the matter are.
  3. It's three sentences. You can memorize the same three sentences that you hear every time you watch any sort of crime show or cop movie. It's an immersive step forward and assists the Department of Justice massively with establishing common law from existing case laws and making judgements based on that. This isn't a "cops and robbers" server where we shoot and book, shoot and book, shoot and book. Roleplay.
  4. Yeah, all of these, please. Especially grooming standards for public services. No offense to anybody who decides to look like a clown before clocking on, but it doesn't paint the departments in a positive light to new players. I think a little bit of freedom can be sacrificed to make the factions less like preschool classrooms playing the cops in cops and robbers.
  5. They do. I'm talking about respawns or other situations where my weapons are removed from my possession.
  6. I'd like to see it back in the armory, if possible. Going into the city is a bummer, and my guns look naked without them
  7. Now that we have consistent law enforcement in Blaine County, why not allow crims to push drugs up there to give deputies more to do?
  8. Guess Max'll never see the light of day. So sad.

    1. Reuben ~ Reckonity

      Reuben ~ Reckonity

      This is so sad, can I get 1 like please?

  9. what should my 500th post be

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      though that is a good idea and if I had the willpower to finish anything I would do it

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  10. come baaaack

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      Summer Trigger


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      I posted this before I left ;-;

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