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  1. You pretty much addressed the point of the tablet in your post, it is ESSENTIAL in whitelisted roles like PD and EMS, the tablet functions as a police and medical database which is in constant use by officers, emergency responders, judges and corrections staff. There is no reason for it to not be there even for civilians, while yes the phone could store a notes, yellow pages, news and other functions, the tablet is there readily available and after feedback people much prefer the tablet to the phone. There is no harm in having the tablet and shouldn't affect a players experience, it is a
  2. To be fair, there is a LOT of crime that goes on in those areas already. I think introducing a few more notable criminal activities heists etc. would be good but I think there shouldn't be an overwhelming amount of new things there as there isn't a great amount of Police presence in Blaine County at the moment.
  3. Was a pleasure taking you on that ride along CT. Welcome back, hope to see you around again!
  4. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/peugeot-308-2022-add-on-replace-kilian
  5. Here is a small and easy to follow guide on how to set up and use scenes within the server. Scenes are a great tool for people to use to enhance RP situations and add more than what people can 'see'. Since they are relatively new to the server and people are unsure on how to use them, I thought I would make a small video and guide on how to use them. How to set up key binds - 1. Open the GTA menu (ESC KEY) 2. On the tabs, select the 'Settings' menu 3. Once in Settings, locate 'Key Bindings' and click it 4. Once there, click 'FiveM' at the bottom, you sho
  6. Welcome back Saja! Hope to see you around in the city at some point
  7. A lot of things are in the works for the prison and how it functions. These things will be introduced in the future once other things are finalized
  8. Also kind of half and half with this. With the robbing player feature implemented, of course there were occasions people robbed just to rob. However, that was expected to some degree but after a week or two that behaviour stopped, a lot of the time now from what I have personally experience, robbing players is a lot less frequent that it was when first introduced and often times there is a solid RP reasoning for it. (Taking radios/phones of hostages so they cannot call for help after the fact, or their weapon until you've done what you need to do) Obviously, robbing to rob still happens to som
  9. I'd like to see the 'Illegal Gun Store' items less easily attainable. Having them be craft able is a good idea, ensuring players have to actual commit to wanting the item and not just buying one just to get one as right now they are so easily accessible. Either they can find the materials to craft them (wouldn't make it too hard) or purchase them from people selling them. I'm sure more discussion should be had on this to find a good balance/theory craft ideas. +1
  10. Definitely doable on the development side and would be an extremely great addition to the server. Would allow for a wide range of RP in regards to it being used for evidence for investigations, footage for court cases and probably a lot of other things too. And again, like you mentioned. It would make watching bodycam footage for things a hell of a lot more immersive which is always something I want to see more of. +1
  11. Completely agree with this, know it has been talked about and would be a very welcomed change to how food works for sure. +1
  12. Will shoot you a DM on Discord and help you get it resolved @CuntrolFreak
  13. Burgershot is open for anyone to open up shop, the best way to get around to potentially owning it properly would be to set up there, provide solid RP and be consistent and then maybe once you've shown you are capable, it's possible (depending on what admins think) you can own it entirely. Just got to prove you can commit to it, way to many people have ideas for businesses and how they can do it all, but then after a month there is nothing.
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