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  1. Question: Will you be publically releasing the code to the FiveM forums? (With all BadlandsRP branding removed) The things that you've done with the vRP framework are extremely interesting, and the community would certainly benefit from a developmental resource hub such as the modifed version of vRP which Badlands is built upon.
  2. Fuckin' Beautiful. Fuckin', Beautiful.
  3. Requested multiple times before. I believe they refuse to add it because (despite it being realistic that civilians can stabilise people while awaiting EMS) They would like to make sure value of life is maintained, and that there is a dependancy on EMS.
  4. No, you would not need to have a separate task open. Most lambda/menu servers that use sites like therocketcad.com will need to be kept open. i assume that the devs here are more than competent enough to develop something embedded into the server its self. The other economy server I play on has something exactly like this for running plates, names, etc, and many servers ive seen have it too. as speed said, it would be quite simple to add i believe but i don't think they plan on doing so.
  5. Personally, i use this visual pack. i definitely enjoy the light enhancements it adds to the world. Note: it doesnt include sounds for anything, just visuals. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-five-m-visual-pack/70752
  6. Got perma banned. I won the day I got banned on, what a meme. 

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    2. OfficiallyCelled


      What did you get banned for?

    3. George Cahill
    4. Eric Smith (36624)

      Eric Smith (36624)

      @OfficiallyCelled i was banned for being toxic. I robbed a lot of stores and killed a lot of cops without that much RP in the robberies.  George I can't even tell if you're joking around or you're actually glad ? :/

  7. I believe the duffel bag could be good for this. some other servers require a duffel bag when you are carrying about AR's and such.
  8. Btw i was kidding, it doesn't seem clear so I just took it out
  9. I have no idea how your original post wasnt noticed. seeing as a mod moved my post i assume they're aware that people want it. maybe the code is broken or it I apply well to badlands
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