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  1. Hope to cross paths one day, Corey... Also, good ol' days of badlands
  2. I barely have the issues of never being able to find a mechanic at 2/6, only on the early UK times I play @
  3. Mechanics don't have to live of tips. I don't know where the whole "we only take tips man" story came from but if a mechanic will RP that they are fixing my car and not just walk up and repair it I will pay whatever set price they say within reason, of course. I don't think a paycheck is needed.
  4. Firstly, there are multiple topics about custom cars being added, so I recommend you use the search bar in the top right before making a suggestion. The answer was no for most of the topics, as they 1. are not needed and 2. tend to lag the server. Backpacks are a cosmetic thing. Pets have been added in the past just never successful. Houses to buy are currently being looked in to. Charging station for electric cars are already at every single gas station. More jobs isn't needed because the ones you listed are no different to what is in the game already just different names. Stores you can already rob. Banks maybe in the future. Ability to rent a store is already a thing. And you can have a custom background. No need to add a bunch... I recommend you explore the server a little bit more before listing all of these things as most of them have been done/are in the server.
  5. Alright, fair enough... Could you make it so the call would continue but the phone would close when the call is active? Then being able to pull the phone back up to end it?
  6. So... call me weird but I sort of enjoy using the click on the phone instead of the keys but when I call people using the click I cannot move once in the call. Now if you could make it so when you call somebody you can then move around and just press backspace to end call then make it go back in to the click version that would be great.
  7. Buy a new cheap car. 300$... Then make a support request about the money.
  8. Well, because you don't get a response quickly, doesn't mean the bugs are being fixed or at least looked into. I have never had the issues you are complaining back so give the server some more time and try something else. There are multiple guide on the forums for you to make that 50k back swiftly.
  9. Why leave the server? It doesn't help at all.... https://badlandsrp.com/support - Report it. Get it fixed. Get your money back...
  10. I mean, do you need to be moving whilst accessing your inventory? Imagine looking through your pockets or in a better example your backpack on the side of the road. you wouldn't continue to jog without looking.
  11. If it is ESX it can be converted to vRP with some changes to the code. But I know Serpico had said he doesn't want something like this.
  12. Does NoPixel do this? I don't really watch to many streams on their as of lately.
  13. Right, so my suggestion is to add a new bar next to your food and water to resemble stress. Stress can come from many things out in the big world but to fit here I had the idea maybe if you take a certain amount of pain or you are in the limping state for to long after being revived by EMS this bar would increase. The higher this bar gets the more stressed your character is. Your character might be at a loss of breath, resulting in running slower or having a lower amount of stamina. The way you would be able to go and fix this would be by relieving the stress somewhere you can go to do yoga. Current Bar New Concept
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