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  1. https://imgur.com/a/79B0l9E I've included fluffers for tax. The cat is my nephew. He always gets excited even when he just hears me over the phone he'll start to rub up against it. I love him with my whole entire heart. The pupper is a neighborhood pupper. Him name is Buddy.
  2. I was thinking that but at the time I was unable to properly piece together my words. Either way, I'm glad you got what I was getting at. It'd just be a really mostly wholesome........? sort of thing. I just need it in my life for Quentin's sake. He needs so much closure on a lot of things. Lmfao! Oh my god. I'd be down to watch you do that.
  3. So before I begin my journey with those of you into the depths of my mind I just wanted to let you know that this idea came to mind while I was beyond sleep deprived. But now in my well rested mind it still sounds at least mildly interesting. Anyway, it’s spooky season, and I was thinking of all the possibilities that are out there and a specific scenario type thing came to mind. So in season one of American Horror Story the one night the Dead are allowed to more or less freely walk is Halloween... but! What if this was Los Santos. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on Halloween, or last for only just a day. But I thought it’d be interesting if we gave those individuals who have perma’d their characters a chance to come back. They’ve obviously perma’d for a reason so essentially it’d be their ghosts visiting but the amount of possibilities this opens up plot and story wise for some people in the city would be interesting. Thoughts? ?
  4. No ERPing!!! It’s illegal!! ? The police are always watching! Quick run! I’ll hold them off!
  5. That was my go to for awhile... until the aliens took my tent twice. :^(
  6. Right? Changing our gloves before and after each patient. I think that'd be pretty rad!
  7. Wooow, that'd be even better. Provided that tattoos become a feature in our city again. Fingers crossed, I miss my tattoos!
  8. Well, there would be medical insurance and car insurance — it would cut down the cost of repairs and hospital visits.
  9. Please. I hate coming onto a scene where someone has been caught in a serious explosion and they say they're completely fine, their pain is a two, and that they want to get up. Just because they don't want to go to the hospital. It's frustrating, I know you both know the woes we have with civilians and just wanting to go so I won't ramble on forever about that. I just want more in depth interactions/roleplay scenarios while on duty. Someone who gets caught in an explosion at a gas station isn't going to just get up and walk away, if they somehow manage to survive that at all they'll be lucky to walk away with third degree burns.
  10. I like the idea of having insurance. In character I've attempted to initiate interactions with players while on EMS duty by advertising insurance at the hospital. I think it'd be interesting to have insurance all around. We could have a monthly fine/bill to pay, nothing crazy, maybe something like 10k? Of course the "monthly" thing would be based on our time as it is. Maybe once a month, every month, on the first? You could be fined for failing to pay it!
  11. I don't often post or read things on the forum, so I do apologize in advance if these are things that have already been suggested. It's just a compilation of things I've seen and think would make a nice addition to the city going forward! The ability to drag and/or grab onto other individuals. I do realize why this isn't an option currently, but going forward I feel as though it wouldn't be a feature that would be abused nearly as much. It would make it possible for friends/family to help someone to the hospital when no other options are available. It also adds the option to put someone into the trunk of your vehicle, which would make an interesting twist on kidnappings/robberies! If the vehicle is locked, you can't exit the truck, but if it's unlocked you are able to escape. The option to change your skin color. In Badlands you have to settle for the skin color of the face you prefer. You may appear white as a ghost when in reality you should be fairly tan. For example, would a farmer be pale? Not one who's been working in the fields all day. I think this would make a nice feature, and add a little more diversity into the city. Less people looking exactly alike! I'm not really sure what one would call this "feature" but the ability to remove shirts/pants/shoes just like we would with helmets/masks/glasses. Of course we wouldn't be fully nude, there would be a basic undergarment set up for the city. Not really necessary, but it would make getting tattoos or something for example a lot easier! I'm not really sure what else to add at the moment, but these are the things that came to mind just in the past few days. By far my favorite/preferred one would be the ability to change our skin colors. I'm interested in hearing what you all have to say, so feel free to comment/add in your own ideas!
  12. I'm not entirely sure this is something that could work, but the idea came to mind during my AEMT shift tonight. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's lost something to one sync, personally I've lost two tents now. I was thinking it would be interesting if a feature where items could be recoverable if lost, such as the tents. Because it's likely registered in the codes somewhere that I've owned two tents. This isn't just for my benefit though of course. I've seen lots of complaints about items vanishing from trunks, so on and so forth. Again, this is just something that came to mind that I wanted to share with everyone! I feel like it'd work the same way as the car recovery, only for items and/or tents, basically anything that could be lost due to one sync, obviously there would be limits but that's why I decided to post something in here. I'm interested to hear the thoughts of others!
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