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  1. I agree with Ren, some people don't have much money in the city, and to pay 10k or more if your car gets impounded because of insurance kind of doesn't make sense.
  2. Well I haven't thoroughly thought about it. I said it as an example, that would not be the price you pay obviously, it's to much. sorry about the confusion.
  3. well like someone starts an insurance and you pay them like 10k per storm and if your car gets scuffed or like gets impounded you give however much money they need and within a reasonable range
  4. Ok I don't know if the devs are making it a thing, but can being a bus driver be a job in 2.0? If this had already been answered, tell me
  5. Gruppe Sechs also referred gruppe 6. I think it would be fun to be a Security guard. There are add on vehicles for the company, a explorer and a charger. If you make it so you would have to buy a license to be a guard. You can charge people for parking and guard the 24/7’s and/or the LDT’s.
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