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  1. i would also like to add more clarity for the end user and around them, Let say 1 person is Rolling a choice of D3 to D100, the Landed result and sides of the dice should display together, and minimize Confusing
  2. Bumping this, to add missing features Such as "Shake and roll dice animation" (see op "Aug edit")
  3. im bumping this D&D and Rolling Dice will add more Dynamic to RP, i know this for sure. Saying no to D&D RP is basically not allowing other bringing potential creative RP idea and follow thru... this will Benefit Action and Battle for those who want to partake in LARP 2nd: The "Wank Emote" douse mimic throwing dice, as of right now, its currently removed
  4. how douse the visuals look like when combined??
  5. I believe /Rolldice should be added, in my personal experience with out using of rolling the dice command, this will add convenience and simplify 1 action rather than actually doing 3 steps of 1: using an emote 2: and rolling a D20 IRL 3: typing the number as a result witch at least takes total around 6 to 11 Secs each time of action in "/me" i see it has potential to open new RP scenarios in different ways of "Creative, Idea's and Imagination" hence RPG adventures and storytelling
  6. Why not just add "Radio Vol" Control?
  7. added /GiveKeys and the phone cmds as a option for user personal preference
  8. i would like to suggest add a new "/Commands and *rename 4 existing command into an acronym for example... * Mask to /m1 /m0 (1 Wear the mask/0 take off the mask) * Helmet to /h1 /h0 * Glasses to /g1 /g0 * Emote(/em) to /e [emote name] 2nd arg "c" (stop/clear emote(Optional)) (The function has been is already implemented ) + /w or /walk - express your walking gesture, 2nd Arg [Help or list] "display a list of walk... [ C or N ] "Clear, and revert back to normal walk" +/Givekey or /givekeys +/cash /money-(Suggested By KevinRoss) IMO,
  9. i would like to suggest [/roll] dice What is the use case for rolling dice for an RP scenario ?? Gambling on the streets Fictional RPG Character and adventures (D&D RolePlay) And Improv RP /Roll (1st arg: number of dices ) (2nd arg: Number sides of the dice) the number should display what you'd rolled (Similar to /me script) (The "Wank" Emote is required with as automation to "shake and roll the dice", then display result for Time 8 secs and allow 3 Seconds to allow the dice result to fade out in Opacity (rather then and allow to use dice in a down state)
  10. Twang

    Patch 2.8

    great i can use the same BG from my Phone
  11. Twang

    Hi Everybody!

    Welcome to Badlands, enjoy your staaay
  12. Back Story: Long time ago in the 1st week of February. there was news about some traffic jam and woman named "Winter Cross"(now know as Winter Grey) @errorlink the full 20 min video will be up, at 5 PM EST
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