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  1. Twang

    Patch 2.8

    great i can use the same BG from my Phone
  2. Twang

    Hi Everybody!

    Welcome to Badlands, enjoy your staaay
  3. Back Story: Long time ago in the 1st week of February. there was news about some traffic jam and woman named "Winter Cross"(now know as Winter Grey) @errorlink the full 20 min video will be up, at 5 PM EST
  4. If paintball cant be the option why not Air-soft/Laser tag Pistol as a non lethal alternative? good idea Thoughts?
  5. @Serpico whata waiting for?
  6. Twang

    Patch 1.7

    Copy and pasting Asylum prison idea?
  7. (The Chain n Lock is coming) @Chain @bada_mama
  8. as i'd promise to make text art for my friends, despited i may have taken to long, due IRL and being coup't up in the house for far to long, here it is in... 4K(OG size was 900P) @Stella Ellington @KotaJon91 @bada_mama(Staci) if there any con's or complains in this picture , leave a comment and i will see if i can fix it i will be accepting tips IRL/in-game money at end user choice
  9. Twang

    Patch 1.3.3

    Serpio forgot to mention this Added 1 missing ATM 24/7 Gas station store on "Grand Senora Desert Hwy"
  10. well TBH, i never thought i would ever witness such mad Ciaos in Bad Lands nor never expected to happen, if u were there it might'a turn into "the 3 Laughing stooges"... if i was dead i would die for Laughing Too Hard dead to ground. and maybe end up like this guy https://youtu.be/BrtgNbVGHfc (6 secs)
  11. !!!!!!WARNING!!!! the video your about to watch contains Ruckus and CIAOS by Locals, and loud voices, plz watch it on a free time or at home ,( not at work IRL. u may be lost for words) you Have been Warned https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211840491 (5 -6 mins)
  12. looks very nice man, Great job
  13. Its up n live @Flori @Muroko https://youtu.be/49sez4hMboc (edit: its now on 2nd post) Side note: i am still unable to edit my top post due to an "forum error"
  14. without a doubt that was a Solid 10/10 (Emoji*) ??? * Thanks Aton Side note the video will be Around [27mins] long
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