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  1. I wouldn't want option 2 as it means I have to grind AGAIN on my other characters... ?
  2. The rise of the purple gang, and the brother/sister who love to kidnap people to swim in their blood, think her name was Leslie.
  3. In every society, we have a system of judges, Offical Lawyers and the jurors and even guards to protect the people inside the court. Now normally a Court will be a place where justice takes place, and justice is needed for the sake of the sever In the Courtroom, a grandma who is a taxi woman would come in and ask for a gun license so she would protect herself from badmen who try to kidnap her or anything that is bad. But then next, a Criminal in cuffs would come in with the crime of murderer HIDE! ~ Nope! Justice will be brought upon this man. You see these two are only two are only scenarios of many that would bring more jobs, more RP, and more FUN! YES, FUN! amazing yeah? all for everyone to take part in. and in worse cases this: (You know a man disguised as the pig, who in reality is an off-duty cop) Jokes aside I would love to suggest a system that revolves around a Court of Justice.
  4. I would love to thank Lili for her hard work for the EMS department as she works hard for it, because she loves this server and the people in it, as this love comes out from her good heart. I believe she should get more appreciation, not just from me but others too. So thank you @Flori
  5. I appreciate my cop friends, Anton, Bob, and Kota You guys can guess which one is which
  6. (temporary) It will now snow 24/7- (temporary) Snowballs have been disabled as a result of the above Why not make it that snowballs deal no dmg?
  7. I never said I wanted to always win, all I said after I got caught which was later on, I got approached by a higher-up telling me this is a warning about ramming into cops cars inside that box which is the so-called "VDM". I play as a COP too, you know how many times I lose too and I tell myself I shouldn't win all the time? So this is not about me winning or the cops winning. I believe you misunderstood, and some of the others too who commented here.
  8. Thanks for agreeing with me on stuff I talked about, what I don't agree with is you telling me to stop using the Comet in cops chasing, you do know there are few other cars that behave and work like the Comet? Are you gonna say I should stop using those too. And about the car being totaled from the front, you think in mid of cops chase I would think "Oh yeah my car is fucked up in the front, I should stop right now and start running"... It's just weird to me. All the other points are valid, I wish we had a seatbelt trust me, and about the Fail RP thing I can name a lot of things we do in BadlandsRP that count as normal RP: 1. Us sending criminals magically to prison because we are too lazy to drive them there. 2. Cuffing people hands makes people not able to use their feet. 3. Medics getting up people who died from bullets but they still are alive. The point here that there is a lot of stuff that should count as FailRP as you said, but guess what "GTA mechanics" are in play.
  9. You have to know, I am not speaking about COPS warning like "STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM" I am talking about the real OOC government warning, which I got a talk from a higher up about.
  10. Shoot you dead for ramming into their cars and not killing any soul? This sounds like cops brutality
  11. It is not about being caught, it was about me getting a warning from the "government" for trying to escape that box. When I had no choice out.
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