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  1. Is it possible to have a wardrobe in the clothes shop. It does not have to enable you to change just enable you to save you outfits, I’ve heard many people wishing for this not just me
  2. It would stop the issue at the mechanic shops as im always unable to fix cars with the dumped cars and locals on the grounds and unfair for the police to always get bugged to move them, also it makes sense for when you go to pick up a car that was involved in an accident, we all know how the locals can pile up quick then boom!
  3. Just a question about the Emotes especially the mechanics one, why is it that all emotes work for the males not the females? I work as a mechanic sometimes and i cant use the mechanic one ever and ive also noticed when you go to the gym most actions only work for the men.
  4. I agree it was hard to get even changed yesterday and i could not delete them at all
  5. yes ikr im itching to get a date for when it will be open again!!!!!! ❤
  6. Yep and you know me and remy would love to have this feature for sure lol
  7. Could you possible have a feature on the phone to be able to block people so you don't have to change your whole number if you get a creep getting your number? it would be a lot easier and less people bugging admin to get the number changed.
  8. Can’t come quick enough, I wanna go home
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