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  1. I hate having two chefs in the kitchen and only one can grill off the burger patties and would like to be able to cook and double the speed allowing two chefs to cook. or allow a quick time event in the cooking of the burger?
  2. I can confirm a defect was raised on this request by me and will be looked at soon I believe this was disabled back in june when people had props stick to thier hands. this issue has been resovled and with the changes to the the city, this request was put on the back burner due to other more needed fixes such as cars and locks not working.
  3. Hmm. I think i've Seen this request before I raised this back in May with my group application I even went into the process of making and using other plates to create a fake plate.
  4. We have been i am based in the UK and most of my members of the gang is Eu based requesting boards for sell at this timezone is hard and tbh people who get the boards will not sell as they will be using them their self. Trust me i have put alot of time into this and have seen mutiple people in the same boat. Circuit Board are one the rarest material, I think it should be this but still not 1 hour of nothing.
  5. Rare is one thing, but not getting one for one hours work is some what demoralizing, I believe that the % is too low and this is were testing shines. I have been able to locate most mertials have mutiple ways of obtaining them for example Steel can be mined and obtained by chopping. Steel pipe is the same, can be looted and chopped. Wooden Plakes are the same can be looted and Chopped. something so rare should have two ways of getting them both hard I agree on that. but still providing two options is better.
  6. Hello All, I have been working with my group today to get circuit boards. I have spent one hour doing this with my group as most of the tests that I apply will be for one hour in time. I have been able to get the following information. For this test we used the 20 Lock Picks. This Cost 3000 Dollars, this was made back copping about 6 cars. Money is never the reason for this test we were after circuit boards for the hacking laptop. When chopping cars we became a well oiled machine where one person would chop one person would steal and one person would be transported. Chopping the total of 12
  7. This is what I think we should do with the Bike, I do believe the bike is good but this is a known super bike in the city, if anything the bike shouldn't be nerfed this bike should cost more. This would be the better soultion. as the bike should be around 115K instead of 85K. Note the police Tarhoe can outrun this bike... So from a police point of view i don't think this is a good move and will upset a few people if the bike got the nerfed. Both the Drag And The T are known for being quick but you must understand you are at a much higher risk of being knocked off and being tazzed.
  8. This is already a feature but due to current Onesync issues i believe there is a limit on how long it saves to your GPS. I would like to see a improvement to this as the team have removed one or two parking lots This Is Most Likely Already Being Worked On
  9. I agree drugs are easy, but i believe the reward for doing coke needs to be better, make crack coke sell for shit and improve pure. rewarding the player for doing more than just being sat in a van in the middle of no where. Grouping up will not change the base profit. along with having 5 people in the lab the power starts to cut off. Pure Coke Needs to be more rewarding to the player as it is the hardest drug out of the current drugs to make.
  10. the only current way to get a circit board is down to luck with copping cars, as i have chopped the same car 10 times 3 diffrent times now (One Session Sunday, One Session Monday and One Last Week) to see if i get different results and i can confirm that i only got one circuit board from all of that effort. allowing people to creaft the item would allow us to get the item in two ways. one using the chop shop and 2 using the part you get from the digistore.
  11. I have been working with drugs all my badlands Life and would like to bring some attention to the following drug... Cocaine. With the recent update to the economy i have noticed less people up in the lab, this is due to the price not being worth the outcome. Hear me out, I have spent 4 hours in the city, 2 hour doing meth in my Portable Meth Van. Then 2 hours doing coke. This is my findings. Meth : First you must spend 40K on a Van This is not an issue as you will get that money back in no time, head down to the black market and pick up a Meth Kit for 500, This will last until you get caug
  12. tbh you need to find the right place, there is a number of locations worth checking out
  13. this is a formal request for a icon for the court house near pillbox. as it's being used more now.
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