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  1. Stuff won't change, the OG's would know that City Hall was the place to be at the start, then came legion and 2/6 took over. No matter what people will find a hangout spot and make it toxic, while i'd love for Legion to be the main spot again i'm not gonna say it wasn't toxic af. The only reason it's toxic is because people don't listen, i've saw the owners of 2/6 say for people to calm down and don't cause issues but they still have people shooting, punching locals and making a mess of the place. The bottom line is, it's the population that make it toxic so do something to change their attitudes
  2. No, has been explained multiple times why. In fact probably would find a few topic's on the forums if you search for it!
  3. Honestly I was about to say that Hunting doesn't really need to be changed but this is bang on the mark, it would be hard to get the whole Shark and Whale meat. But I realise you could potentially use a knife to kill it. +1 man
  4. Yeah, honestly it would be a good asset in my opinion, it would also make people weary with the whole unable to move while in the menu itself.
  5. I feel you on a spiritual level right there, RIP Sanjay ;-;
  6. That's the thing, from my knowledge which could be wrong completely they have added ESX scripts before.
  7. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-inventory-hud-2-1-now-with-vehicle-trunk-addon/388318 Found this cool little thing that adds a system with a drag and drop items to use, drop and give to people. Would be awesome to see something like this, obviously with the current inventory system I don't know if it would work out but I for one would love this!
  8. Are you saying that the Cop who tazed you didn't say anything to you? Cops and Civ's follow the rule of initiation. Only because we're cops doesn't mean we can break rules. Also an officer needs to state his or her name and that they're with the LSPD when they arrive on scene.
  9. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-lenzh-chopshop/458261 Bringing this back, I found this really cool thing that would need tweaking and re-balancing but honestly it looks really good! With the obvious lockpick a car and start driving we could potentially have a system were lockpicks actually act like a drug system were 6 times out of 10 it will call the cops alerting them of a Stolen Vehicle on whatever street (giving car model name and colour if possible) this would give cops the chance and balance it out for both factions. Obviously the prices would be up to the Dev's and everything else can be done with feedback from the community.
  10. If we're RP'ing in the UK then I expect to hear people saying while walking anywhere "You smell weed?"
  11. Again, what he said is true, while I don't care about money I also can't deny that a little bit of money for fines is something that goes a long way. I wish they would've separated characters with money and other things but this isn't what this is about. My gang character is my favourite character to play, I can barely ever play it since i'm always trying to RP against Ballers and other gangs. Fines get too much and I can barely pay for them, bare in mind I always stay in RP and RP to my fullest and i'm still getting booked half the time. Not even a Felony to Misdemeanor to help me out.
  12. https://badlandsrp.com/forum/12-feedback-and-suggestions/ Make a suggestion.
  13. What Merr said, I personally love the idea Merr, if possible I would love this. The RP between cops and civ's who are down with no EMS wouldn't just be... "Sorry can't help you, bye." We can genuiely give them something to atleast have some closure. +1
  14. @Paul GarciaHey it's your long lost brother! Seriously though, welcome to the city!
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