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  1. Someone's gotta be the person to let everyone down
  2. Won't be for a while, FiveM are two updates away from being current so we're probably gonna be waiting for a good 1-2 months maybe even more
  3. Which again could be a change, have a marker that's visible so people can figure out for themselves, quick and simple changes can make it work. Heck with the License say where it is, it then gives people an idea.
  4. How about expanding this idea, give more stuff to Weasel News, take away the fact that civ's see the robberies and give them to Weasel News. I know a big thing is that people can easily clock in for it but how about limiting the amount of people kind of like when people clock in it'll say "Their's too many people clocked in" Also if people aren't actually reporting news then do what happened with Mechanic's and give it a new license.
  5. The car itself has been recently added, it will be nerfed once they find the full problems with the car, just gotta give them time. A lot of the cars are that much because it's the looks not the speed that appeals to people.
  6. Bumping this again as tennis or golf would be amazing little thing in RP.
  7. Again what Kota said, a date turns sexy
  8. Yeah that's true, didn't think about it like that
  9. Well if it gets rid of the map and roads they have when the blindfold is on it could actually help with Meta-gaming, it helps with furthering RP and preventing rule breaks so it's a win win for me personally
  10. I can agree with Kilo, the situation is sometimes it's stupid and it would probably be for the best as it's an insta-kill situation that can't be stopped. We can hit with the taser when someone is near us pressing R so I kinda don't see this being needed.
  11. I was about to make this argument not gonna lie, honestly the arena is indeed small so moving around feels like a swat team raid... I kinda agree on both sides as so far I haven't done it to anyone and I've been a few times so I have the experience of the place. It can be annoying but what Serena said is right, space out and don't taze while you're close it isn't that hard. (I honestly think the hit to the face with the taze should be taken out completely but from what I've heard it's impossible)
  12. The only reason I like this is because when changing outfits in my apartment it also changes the hair so it would be nice to have this!
  13. Just make the taser act like a gunshot, allow cops to give them "Assault With a Deadly Weapon" if it's not being used in self defense, people wouldn't use it as much as you think. Obviously you have people who are disruptive that will abuse it but you can deal with them as you see fit. It would be considered Hostile Roleplay so obvious shots would probably be fired after. Gotta give it a chance before you turn it down, especially since I hate having to use weapons that downs people while I could use a taser that will stun then for a good 20 seconds or less.
  14. Norris is a good one, can't think of anyone with that name
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