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  1. I've worked with DPEmotes a lot, it has some really good stuff and could give us all what we need!
  2. I know this has nothing to do with the post but that profile picture is amazing. That is all.
  3. I'll say this again and again, RP is never about the money. While sometimes for certain type of RP scenario's you need money but for most people they grind to get "Power, status and dominance" before even RP'ing with anyone. Don't get why this is a trend, RP first, Grind second.
  4. Ayo you lookin fine, you have a girlfriend?
  5. I'd be fine with this if they don't abuse it, stupid stealing a cop car for no RP value...
  6. You guys talking about 1 more slot when i'm having to delete characters or RP that "I took the wrong ID from home" it's annoying to do this, I have a variety of characters that I have to compromise sometimes, I would really like a lot of slots please... It's something that troubles me everytime I want to RP a character that isn't on my character slot list.
  7. Taking someone hostage is pretty stupid at MRPD, the main PD. I've just had a situation before to were a cop was taken hostage at MRPD in broad daylight... It just makes no sense to me and feel like it should be considered with FailRP, bare in mind the RP entails that MRPD is the main PD so there'd be a lot of cops around it, in 2.0 i'd like to see this somewhat implemented.
  8. https://forum.fivem.net/t/weaponry-realistic-gunplay-recoil-no-ammo-hud-no-reticle/131676 This gets rid of the problem and adds recoil to guns for realistic gun fights!
  9. Wait for them to respond to the ban appeal.
  10. You guys get more than Police Officers do in 30 minutes, $1k each minute = $30k each 30 minutes, pay shouldn't be put in this. I understand that Law RP can be frustrating but it's also frustrating for Police Officers when they see Lawyer's arguing either fines or jail time. Your job as a Lawyer is to drop charges and help your client get out free, when I start seeing that i'll agree with this but until then it should stay the way it is... I will also say that Lawyer's waiting the minutes out instead of doing the job they're tasked to do doesn't make this suggestion any better. I will say for 2.0 that if a DOJ system comes in we'll be seeing different situations with needed evidence from both Police and Lawyers otherwise the case will be so quick. Might be more paperwork but it leads towards more RP. Lawyers are definitely something I want to see improve over the time but the quality of RP from Lawyers needs to improve too.
  11. I don't think they can choose what it replaces, correct me if i'm wrong but they're made from that specific model making it almost impossible to do what you've said, I agree though, if we had the chance we barely use the Miltiary Camo hats.
  12. That's a different story, Sanjay only has a helmet and glasses and he does well
  13. Please no, if I start hearing people going "Nyaa" i'mma load up the rifle and shoot on sight (obviously a joke). Plus clothing should be the least of concerns considering we're going through a major change with RP style, Whitelist and a lot more.
  14. I like this, it doesn't stop people from coming over and fucking over the MC. It also adds the RP of needing to stay around the area protecting your base making us more weary of people who come around. +1
  15. I'm fine with this from a civilian point but when I see people who are with "Weazel News" coming to the scene endangering themselves as the scene is still full in motion I refuse to think this should happen. News crews would be away from the situation until they have the full clear that it's over... Unless I see a change with people's behaviors when their lives could be at risk I will have to say a hard no to this. What I mean coming to the scene I mean people standing like 20 feet from the scene. Across the street doesn't mean away you're still in the area that a bullet could take someone's life. Heck IRL they'd use Choppers to report that type of news, better than standing across the street and refusing to move or being difficult when officers are telling them to move.
  16. Yes it's like a seize of your car
  17. Someone's gotta be the person to let everyone down
  18. Won't be for a while, FiveM are two updates away from being current so we're probably gonna be waiting for a good 1-2 months maybe even more
  19. Which again could be a change, have a marker that's visible so people can figure out for themselves, quick and simple changes can make it work. Heck with the License say where it is, it then gives people an idea.
  20. How about expanding this idea, give more stuff to Weasel News, take away the fact that civ's see the robberies and give them to Weasel News. I know a big thing is that people can easily clock in for it but how about limiting the amount of people kind of like when people clock in it'll say "Their's too many people clocked in" Also if people aren't actually reporting news then do what happened with Mechanic's and give it a new license.
  21. The car itself has been recently added, it will be nerfed once they find the full problems with the car, just gotta give them time. A lot of the cars are that much because it's the looks not the speed that appeals to people.
  22. Bumping this again as tennis or golf would be amazing little thing in RP.
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