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  1. Yah I was thinking about doing a PvP server. Me and Vladimir want to play.
  2. This. I've met 30 and 40 year olds that are immature as shit. And I've might 15 year olds that are mature as shit. Age means jack shit for being a mature and decent person.
  3. Agreed. I use them for certain things only.
  4. I am not doing Yoga. So we need some more stress relief paths!!! Hahahhaa
  5. Same. I am a big no. It'd make PD's job to catch easier. And no dealer worth their salt gives the drugs first.
  6. Yah if nothing else restores the entire. It's all just forgotten. I mean people hunt down pizza/cola like it's gold.
  7. Haha. I hate that beeping in my car. But would remind me. Yuup.
  8. Actually seen this done use wise- obviously no locks. The officers just let me stand in there. It's an awesome addition for lawyer RP or a simple investigation. The lock would be neat. But I'll be using it as these officers did when I was arrested.
  9. The whip is almost always an accident or friendly fire whenever I see it. I have only seen like 10-20% of times it was actually used in defense or to down someone. I honestly would be all for having the pistol whip attack moved entirely from the game. I just get my broken bottle out and shank an asshole if I have to melee!! I am +1 for just removing pistol whipping entirely. lol
  10. ^ This. It's literally the most expensive form of RP in all of badlands. Merr hit it on the head. I love RP and want to have good scenes.. but this is just simply harsh in expenses.
  11. I waited for an hour to buy an apartment. No one came or gone within that time. Sadly just kept getting "full" message.
  12. I honestly just wish decals worked and they could be put there. The patches and such. But for every single person I know.. decals are simply black squares with red squiggly lines in them. A couple work.. kinda.
  13. This is also why I brought up the custom background phone things. https://imgur.com/a/G7FtRRY - It's one cache so I can't use my Saints logo anymore on my phone for D. ;.;
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