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  1. yes we could stay and collect the casings but how realistic is that as it was already stated we have just gunned down cops our next priority is to get our boy and dip before the whole force shows up, as far as a rework it could be something that might be needed and rather than just reworking it and be done with it why not sit with someone who may have the knowledge of that kind of work and pick their brain for ideas im sure there is someone with some kind of expierence lurking around in this great community. the probability is actually pretty high for that crew to return for their boy? why because we put in so much time to make sure we were not recognized we had stolen cars and the people who spoke were people not very well known, why the return to get him? easy 1. constant communication and knew where he was. 2. so he couldnt be tied to 305. at the end of the day so much time went in to prepairing to make sure we were not going to get caught or noticed yet due to one print we did. now as someone who has literally played a cop character for over 6 years i can see both sides but if its a fact of 1 single casing gives you 1 print that is not enough for an arrest. one city i was in had a pretty good system when it came to finger print collection. each civillian was assigned a fingerprint number for example 123456789 crime scene 1 you recieve a casing marked ??3??6?89 - now this is only a partial match but enough to start and investigation crime scene 2 you recieve a casing marked 1?3??6789 - this is enough to question/interogate the suspect crime scene 3 you recieve a casing marked 123456789 - this is not only enough to arrest your suspect but also potentially hit them for the other 2 crime scenes.
  2. So from what i have expierenced so far it appears that there is no couterplay what so ever for criminals when it comes to using weapons for crime because there always seems to be fingerprints left. now i am a person whos characters wear gloves 24/7 no matter what, and if their prints are taken by pd and they destroy the gloves, once hes out of prison guess what, he gets a new fresh set of gloves this is due to his careful nature and and doing everything possible to no leave prints. now what is stupid is when 1 casing ties someone who is completelly blacked out wearing gloves gets caught cause of 1 bullet casing, there has to be some sort of counterplay for us criminals cause if there isnt then is there really any point in us blacking out and trying to not have crime come back on our gangs/groups? cause to me personally it feels like this mechanic is ment to give PD the end win even if the crims do somehow get away from the scene / situation i would like to see what other people think about this and would love to hear peoples opinions
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