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  1. Another tip: If you log into the fivem server and the Tokovoip status shows up as "In the wrong teamspeak. Must to connected to ts3.blrp.net:10005" Check to see if you have opened TS3 more than once.
  2. Great to hear that it will be coming back. Badlands was my first RP home.
  3. This is my official goodbye. I had some good time’s and bad time’s in the city. I appreciate all the friends I have made and encounters I have come across. Sad to see the badlands fivem chapter close at the end of next month. Wish the devs and admins all the best with any future endeavours. I had my issues with some but all water under the bridge. if anyone wants to stay in contact with me, please feel free to add me on discord. AmyBos#9925
  4. Welcome to Badlands. Everyone here is pretty cool.
  5. Hi, I am not sure if it's the availability of the apartments or maybe a few people were in their apartments at the time you tried to buy.
  6. Welcome to the city Rusty. I believe that I have seen your ads in city and also had you be a lawyer for a few of my suspects already. Looking forward to more encounters.
  7. Welcome to Badlands. Everyone is always willing to help others which is one of the great things about our community. Look forward to meeting you in the city.
  8. Welcome back. I don't think I met you in the city before you left. I look forward to any encounters we have.
  9. Welcome to the city we call home. Everyone is pretty cool and are willing to help.
  10. Welcome back Saja. glad to have you back. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask.
  11. Amybos

    suh dude

    Welcome to the city! Everyone is really good and are willing to help. Meet new people and learn how our wonderful city is.
  12. Totally agree. To be able to give a description on where the repair shop is, say what road is on or what suburb it is. EG: Elgin Mechanic, or Mirror Park or Strawberry.
  13. Welcome to the city! Hope your new life in our fine city treats you well.
  14. Welcome to the city Martin. Wish you all the best for your stay in LS.
  15. Welcome to the city! We don't bite... hard. Enjoy your time here.
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