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  1. again this post is not to make arguments,this is simply just a feed back and suggestions,this is not an attack on anyone specific,and like i have stated before,i am not making an assumption or accusing anyone,like i stated i know for a fact some off duty officer use the discord to find out if there are police on and how many,point being it just needs to stop,it is not fair gameplay. and im not going to post the evidence that i have of it here. this post was to come up with idea of how to best fix this problem,or make it better.
  2. you just answered your own question,if you make it more difficult for people to use this info it will help cut down the the problem,it is better than doing nothing at all. im not saying it will fix the problem 100% but at the very least something needs to be put it place to help prevent it from being so easy to do. and over time it may just discourage them from wanting to take the extra time to gain the information.
  3. here is the thing,if someone signs on duty,then clocks off right after (even if it is not full of officers) and continues to do this for the next week or so,at that point it is pretty clear what is prolly going on.
  4. for this u would have to just sign in,if you realize there are to many officers on duty then you would just have to sign out,maybe you can even put down the reason for clocking out right after clocking in. (to many officers on duty) <-- that would be the reason.
  5. it currently is made so only police and ems can see these channels,and making a police only discord would solve nothing i fear,people would just use that discord to do the same thing that they are doing now,witch is check it to see who is on duty.
  6. this is a good idea,but i do not think that can be done sadly
  7. i am NOT making assumptions i have physically heard with my own ears people talking about how many officers are on duty and if it is safe to go cook drugs. either way this was not made to start arguments,this is just simply my opinion,and i would like to see if others feel the same.
  8. why would i make this an IA report? im not reporting a player,this is simple feed back and suggestion
  9. I am getting to be very annoyed/tired of this ongoing problem of off duty officer using the discord for Badlands to check the police channels and see who is on duty and how many are on duty,they do this to get advantage in game from either selling drugs,making drugs,or doing anything illegal! i know this is happening because of the simple fact that i have been in situations where i have had to down someone at the cocaine lab due to hostile activity,then i get shot down by their friend,as i am laying there bleeding out instead of the person who is left alive fleeing the area in fear of more police showing up they instead just hang in the area waiting,this leads to me knowing that they are using the discord police channels to know that i am the only officer on duty so there for they do not flee the area because they know that no other police will arrive. this is an on going problem and it needs to be stopped! some may see as power/metagaming. i have video evidence of this occurring but i will not post it in this topic for EVERYONE to see. Please feel free to give yer feed back on this!!!
  10. i would love to attend this! i have a few concerns that i would like voiced! for example the hostility on a daily base's towards police officers!
  11. Hi,im hyper,i like cats coffee and pc games,also im trans,im starting to grow my beard!!!!! sorry! im excited.
  12. sorry if this is not the right location for this,but city x needs some police or even admins on it ASAP! people are driving around the square like morons,almost hit me and my friend.
  13. think of it this way,if someone points a gun to your head IRL,weather it is two people one person or 3,would you really be all balls and just start punching the person? hell no you would not lets be real here...as far as then saying that u fail rp because you did not wanna give up your gold or what ever,yes they should not have broke Role playing for that,but also i think you could have handled that situation better yourself. either way im not trying to take sides here,just voicing my opinion.
  14. omg sooo cute im more of a cat person but dogs r cute
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