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  1. You are currently able to drive without a drivers license once it has been seized, so the driving w/o a license charge can already be used. This existed already in 1.0 I believe. There is a restriction though that prevents you from being able to pull out one of your own vehicles from the garage without a license. Wouldn't mind seeing that go away too.
  2. The plan is to remove the restriction whereby you cannot equip a gun when your license has been seized. You would not be able to purchase a gun from the ammunation but would be able to get one from another player, equip, and use. However, your character will have had to purchase at least the very first license. After that, restriction gone.
  3. Mia

    new to GTArp

    @JaceO1369 here's a helpful guide and feel free to ask questions in the genhelp channel of the Badlands discord. You usually get the quickest replies there and chances are if you search up in the chat, someone will have already asked what you're looking for.
  4. Mia


    @Offsetgamer Cellphone is del key to pull up, make sure any number you are trying to msg or call includes a - between first 3 and last 4 numbers You have to enable the gps to use and hold f5 while on foot, it does not stay open without the key being held ID numbers over head are only accessible through holding f6 and you should not be using this unless you are trying to find out someone's number to file a report. Numbers over heads as a default is meta and were disabled so as to discourage cheating. In terms of jobs and activities, I encourage you to find other players in game and talk with them, it's best to learn this stuff through rp, that is the fun part. Many people willing to show a new person the ropes. All players are required to have a working mic, good luck getting it all settled.
  5. all set, welcome to Badlands!
  6. Mia

    New to Rp

    @Lilc2332 Go to your steam app, next to community it'll say your steam name, pick that and it'll take you to your profile page. Copy and paste the link of that page to your app.
  7. Mia

    New to Rp

    Hi @Lilc2332 Fill out an eligibility app following instructions here: https://badlandsrp.com/forum/71-eligibility-application-instructions/
  8. Just as an FYI, adjustments were made that address some of these concerns regarding heavy fines/times. Much appreciation for all the feedback and ideas you guys have been providing to build a healthy balance.
  9. @notBillBaker From a vehicle it will stay enabled, but on foot, u need to hold f5 to view it.
  10. @notBillBaker try shift f5
  11. @Twang Confirmed it's happening, should be in shortly per Serpico!
  12. Appreciation post for @Paul Bell @Dan B. and @Cornyfor their dedication to the Ems faction and providing quality rp experiences to everyone they encounter. Special mention for the treatment on Jacob Santiago; Dan's in depth treatment and demeanour made it an immersive experience and the always amazing Corny had viewers in their feelings as he struggled with losing a patient. Thank u for the fun viewing content!
  13. I have spoken to players in the past who quick changed npc models to avoid being caught selling drugs. I agree that it is highly unrealistic and a abuse of the mechanics just to get an advantage over the police. Please report such behaviours. It does take catching ID numbers and filing reports as we all should do for rule breaks and behaviours negatively impacting our gameplay experience (vdm rdm etc.) -1 to the timer. There are valid reasons to change your npc model, just not what ur describing above. Examples would be models that have the same face (I use three that have the same face), or some that are completely covered and have clothing options beyond what is available to custom models. Concealing your identity for hostile activity is a sensible rp option and fairplay imo. Limiting people who play fairly is not the direction we should go, correcting the behaviour of those who don't is.
  14. Serpico will be adding 'point' channels ie 55.6.
  15. multiple prop emote requests here: please use the search tool to add on to or support existing threads of the same topic
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