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  1. I've played in another server with this mechanic and it definitely encourages more talking to AI which was fun. Even so, I'd prefer to see other illegal jobs, not more development on the ones we already have. Other jobs will produce more variety of conversation whereas drug dealing, whether it's a new type of drug or the robbing addition, will still basically be the same thing.
  2. If you ask on twitter or just talk to people, I'm sure someone will give you opinions. You could also ask to rent it out, cover the impound fee and repairs if something goes wrong . I know this is kind of a pain in the ass answer but it's also the no-meta answer.
  3. There's a lot to wade through but if you search the forums for robbery, you'll see that this has been suggested a few times. Here's a link to the most liked thread on any topic I've ever seen : I've heard in a dev stream there's an overhaul idea coming to robberies in general, whether houses and banks will be included I don't think has been announced.
  4. When it was introduced in a community meeting, my understanding was that u were knocked out for the season, as in a month plus. Not a session/storm.
  5. I was hoping this new whitelist server idea would be more an opportunity to reimplement any of the features that the devs once had in the server but were removed because they were abused, and add anything they wanted to but couldn't because it is a public server. Kind of a Badlands+, no numbers over people's heads, beating up your cellmate, millions of great suggestions people have posted that aren't possible with 60k+ players to govern over. This hardcore idea is neat but I'm more interested in getting my pet pig Julio back . I can and have perma'd my characters myself when the situation called for it AND there was great rp from the people who put me down, making me want to create that realistic rp for them in return.
  6. One pistol/taser whip and downed seems too OP to me given the range and the lack of skill involved. I particularly don't like it for the taser given that u are trying for a non-lethal option and the suspect might stop short in a chase or double back at you and get clobbered by accident (q tackle, I know). It would save the trouble from 'muscle-spasm' knockouts too. Ideally, pistol whipping would be another button all together but finding free buttons for new keybinds is an issue. So, 2 whips to down a person is my suggestion. Hoping this is even possible.
  7. Regarding gang clothes, I thought this what the rule always was, or at least that's how I interpreted it. Was kind of surprised with what I was seeing after being away for awhile. It doesn't just clear up who is hostile for cops but for other lone civs and gangs who get rolled up on by more 4.
  8. I hate discord. Sorry, I know that's not much contribution to the conversation. I just hate it that much.
  9. There are maybe 5 different threads suggesting this, I know I tried for a Jamestown apt awhile ago and it got shut down. Last I heard in Speed's stream in 2018 was that he had a long term housing overhaul idea in mind. Fingers crossed it includes low-income options!
  10. You're right, you can't change skin colour without either changing character models or changing the face of a custom model. If you search the term 'skin color' in the forum, someone has already suggested the skin option at the barbershop be enabled/ adding tans.
  11. Unpopular opinion especially amongst veteran players and players who only play in a faction (money coming in, not really going out), but you can do things for the money and still put in rp effort and take enjoyment from it. I did things for money all the time so I could support a player based economy, help out new players, entice people into taking part in events, buy a suitable vehicle for each new character, happily plan criminal entertainment for PD..list could go on. I just think that EMS pay should reflect the value of their service the way giving q priority to the factions has. And for people that really are doing it for just money or the q perk, having them do a job with built-in interaction like EMS, as opposed to solitary grind jobs like diving, gives them an opportunity to see the other rp possibilities out there and for us to interact with them and bring them into the fold.
  12. I agree it breaks immersion a bit but not nearly as much as standing on bushes or saying 'I'm going into my head for 5 minutes', at least for me. Immersion breaking just comes with playing in a public server. I'm gonna try never to refer to the shops by number if I can tho, good suggestion.
  13. You had me dying laughing in S3, looking forward to running into you again
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