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  1. Welcome to the community @Lettuce , looking forward to more Shani
  2. You'll need a watering can, shovel and leaf blower which can all be put in your inventory hotbar for quick use. Purchase water bottles. Use the shovel to dig for soil. Once you have the soil, you should be able to "give love" to plants that give you a g prompt. @Vetis Veeper And I agree Kitty, some of the other jobs people have been able to pick up intuitively but this one people have def struggled with so feel free to use this info in game.
  3. @Warthog vehicles do return to the garage after storm, there probably just hadn't been one yet. Currently the restart happens at 2 pm est.
  4. Add mono for the /me kisses people
  5. @RickNess there is an in character business that can help you with this issue. Should be seeing ads about it soon.
  6. @Kdog29 will have it looked into but please submit support request for this kind of thing next time
  7. https://discord.gg/UgHQKF
  8. @FoxyRainbowz Welcome to Badlands!
  9. Do u have push to talk enabled in teamspeak?
  10. Maybe try turning down your volume and moving the mouth part away from the ears so it doesn't pick up so much. Also push to talk is a must, not sure how that works for your set up. Really suggest keyboard and mouse for this game, there are things you won't be able to do without it.
  11. You are currently able to drive without a drivers license once it has been seized, so the driving w/o a license charge can already be used. This existed already in 1.0 I believe. There is a restriction though that prevents you from being able to pull out one of your own vehicles from the garage without a license. Wouldn't mind seeing that go away too.
  12. The plan is to remove the restriction whereby you cannot equip a gun when your license has been seized. You would not be able to purchase a gun from the ammunation but would be able to get one from another player, equip, and use. However, your character will have had to purchase at least the very first license. After that, restriction gone.
  13. @JaceO1369 here's a helpful guide and feel free to ask questions in the genhelp channel of the Badlands discord. You usually get the quickest replies there and chances are if you search up in the chat, someone will have already asked what you're looking for.
  14. Mia


    @Offsetgamer Cellphone is del key to pull up, make sure any number you are trying to msg or call includes a - between first 3 and last 4 numbers You have to enable the gps to use and hold f5 while on foot, it does not stay open without the key being held ID numbers over head are only accessible through holding f6 and you should not be using this unless you are trying to find out someone's number to file a report. Numbers over heads as a default is meta and were disabled so as to discourage cheating. In terms of jobs and activities, I encourage you to find other players in g
  15. all set, welcome to Badlands!
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