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  1. I have spoken to players in the past who quick changed npc models to avoid being caught selling drugs. I agree that it is highly unrealistic and a abuse of the mechanics just to get an advantage over the police. Please report such behaviours. It does take catching ID numbers and filing reports as we all should do for rule breaks and behaviours negatively impacting our gameplay experience (vdm rdm etc.) -1 to the timer. There are valid reasons to change your npc model, just not what ur describing above. Examples would be models that have the same face (I use three that have the same face), or some that are completely covered and have clothing options beyond what is available to custom models. Concealing your identity for hostile activity is a sensible rp option and fairplay imo. Limiting people who play fairly is not the direction we should go, correcting the behaviour of those who don't is.
  2. Serpico will be adding 'point' channels ie 55.6.
  3. multiple prop emote requests here: please use the search tool to add on to or support existing threads of the same topic
  4. Thanks Brady, just changed it.
  5. Mia

    Bravo Squad Refresher

    This is a MANDATORY meeting and refresher over the new SOPs and ticketing guide, I would like to see all that are available attend. If you are a part of another squad and can not make it to your meeting then you are more than welcome to attend this one. This will be held at 8PM EST
  6. Hi Errybody, Over the next little while, we're going to be hiding past forum posts that contain no longer accurate info or are too meta for Badlands 2.0. This is to promote in game communication and discovery more, and minimize the confusion of new players looking up old systems. Thank you to all of you who took time to make guides and provide help!
  7. Post hacker issues in urgent-help in discord next time please, we'll see it sooner
  8. It was a temp issue. Check gen-help or offtopic in discord next time for server status updates.
  9. There's a warning for this in #welcome in the discord: Although we do not anticipate loss of data, it may not be wise to engage in any important activities close to a restart Personally, I wouldn't do anything significant like banking or selling for the last 15 minutes.
  10. Agreed with Ren. Please try to add to ideas/threads that have already been discussed. Business ownership is expensive so not everyone has one and people are encouraged to work together. You can always rp other business ownership, ie people run mech, clothings stores, clubs etc. Regarding housing, Serpico is working on low-income housing right now for 2.0. Visit his stream for lots of info on upcoming development!
  11. Use the search bar for ideas already suggested
  12. Mia


    Follow the instructions here: https://badlandsrp.com/forum/71-eligibility-application-instructions/
  13. Locking thread. Multiple existing topics.
  14. Here are your civilian rights. As it says, if you feel you are being treated improperly, request a supervisor. If there isn't one or you are still dissatisfied, file an IA. You are bringing up a genuine issue but it would be more helpful to Snr PD to have an IA with specific names, events and VIDEO if possible.
  15. Agreed, plus they should also hear me yelling at them to get off the goddamn phone ?
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