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  1. Here are your civilian rights. As it says, if you feel you are being treated improperly, request a supervisor. If there isn't one or you are still dissatisfied, file an IA. You are bringing up a genuine issue but it would be more helpful to Snr PD to have an IA with specific names, events and VIDEO if possible.
  2. Agreed, plus they should also hear me yelling at them to get off the goddamn phone
  3. Copy the red template from this page : Select 'start a new topic' on this page: https://badlandsrp.com/forum/74-eligibility-applications/ paste the red text in, add your answers, and submit.
  4. Due to all the ways this could be abused, I'd more hope to see a kit like this given out like a guitar as a reward by admins. One time use and then the kit is gone.
  5. I'm glad you brought this up! I feel like I'm often short changing your group (which is giving me amazing and unique non-violent roleplay experiences and a long-term case to work on, exactly what I've been looking for). I'm always excited to respond to your calls but usually end up having to leave for violent emergency calls. I brought it up with with members of senior pd who have let us know that we do not need to take every call or rush through the call we have to get to others. However, we still need to be available to assist in pursuits, armed robberies or anything where another officer is requesting backup. Additionally, I've been wanting to bring you down for a voluntary interrogation at MRPD but again, other crims end up getting priority because they have a right to a lawyer and there is minimal space for conversation. One possible helpful tool would be a separate and longer lasting police file where other officers can see information that has been collected on active cases; if I log off and there is no one else on duty, there's no way to pass on the information, or receive information from cops who had taken previous 911 calls from your group. Another point would be that in a lot of ways, our Sops are designed for catching people who usually don't want to be caught, and that evidence from the more creative rp crimes can be difficult to collect without certain tools. I'm not sure what the solution is but I just wanted to put out there that I'm appreciating what you, Flori, Victor, and Mr. Joe Hall are doing, thanks for giving me my favourite pd experiences so far, and I hope other groups get inspired to try something like it, or that I run into more groups who already are bringing that story-based long-term rp without shooting at every scene.
  6. It was designed this way so the business owner actually has to manage the business or it won't be successful. Allowing others to deposit means the owner could skip town indefinitely and not be accountable to their employees.
  7. I've played in another server with this mechanic and it definitely encourages more talking to AI which was fun. Even so, I'd prefer to see other illegal jobs, not more development on the ones we already have. Other jobs will produce more variety of conversation whereas drug dealing, whether it's a new type of drug or the robbing addition, will still basically be the same thing.
  8. If you ask on twitter or just talk to people, I'm sure someone will give you opinions. You could also ask to rent it out, cover the impound fee and repairs if something goes wrong . I know this is kind of a pain in the ass answer but it's also the no-meta answer.
  9. There's a lot to wade through but if you search the forums for robbery, you'll see that this has been suggested a few times. Here's a link to the most liked thread on any topic I've ever seen : I've heard in a dev stream there's an overhaul idea coming to robberies in general, whether houses and banks will be included I don't think has been announced.
  10. When it was introduced in a community meeting, my understanding was that u were knocked out for the season, as in a month plus. Not a session/storm.
  11. I was hoping this new whitelist server idea would be more an opportunity to reimplement any of the features that the devs once had in the server but were removed because they were abused, and add anything they wanted to but couldn't because it is a public server. Kind of a Badlands+, no numbers over people's heads, beating up your cellmate, millions of great suggestions people have posted that aren't possible with 60k+ players to govern over. This hardcore idea is neat but I'm more interested in getting my pet pig Julio back . I can and have perma'd my characters myself when the situation called for it AND there was great rp from the people who put me down, making me want to create that realistic rp for them in return.
  12. One pistol/taser whip and downed seems too OP to me given the range and the lack of skill involved. I particularly don't like it for the taser given that u are trying for a non-lethal option and the suspect might stop short in a chase or double back at you and get clobbered by accident (q tackle, I know). It would save the trouble from 'muscle-spasm' knockouts too. Ideally, pistol whipping would be another button all together but finding free buttons for new keybinds is an issue. So, 2 whips to down a person is my suggestion. Hoping this is even possible.
  13. Regarding gang clothes, I thought this what the rule always was, or at least that's how I interpreted it. Was kind of surprised with what I was seeing after being away for awhile. It doesn't just clear up who is hostile for cops but for other lone civs and gangs who get rolled up on by more 4.
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