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  1. And exactly what Kevin said, it's the colors and how fast they move and stuff that can cause me to have the seizure. It's also not a withdrawal of any kind. I'm for it being used as a balance of combat heals, the same way I am with drug addictions, and I even like the new injury blackouts. My issue was solely the colors, and wanting to prevent other people, not only myself, who ARE vulnerable to the things, to not have a trigger.
  2. I really appreciate this. Even just putting in the warning. The blacking out doesn't hurt my eyes, tested already, but its bothersome, still doable. As I've said in your streams I always keep sunglasses near me in case someone I watch smokes weed or I do it, myself so it doesn't become a possible seizure trigger.
  3. Is the weed effect still going to cause crazy colors? I've also seen the flashing when you're injured... I need to look at it a bit more to see if it's a possible seizure trigger, but as I've brought it up in the past, the weed effect is. Are we able to disable the weed effect, or at least finally add in something when you load in saying there's flashing lights or add a seizure warning?
  4. The effects I'm all for keeping it's just the color effect that I don't like. @Emma Vicious I'm a streamer too and I do put on a seizure warning when I play this, for that reason. I thankfully have never had a seizure while playing or watching, but it's been close and I don't like that. I really appreciate so many people agreeing.
  5. I actually keep a pair of REALLY, REALLY dark sunglasses next to my PC at all times, I can bare the colors when I wear them. What's terrible is when I'm in a stream and someone lights a joint without me knowing it because I looked away for two seconds.
  6. I've noticed this still is a thing and I've brought it up a few times. I have seizure triggers and smoking weed in game is very dangerous for me. Is there ANY WAY we can have an option to remove the colors, or fix this in ANY WAY?
  7. come baaaack

    1. Summer Trigger

      Summer Trigger


    2. Storrent


      I posted this before I left ;-;

  8. I'm actually excited for a lot of this
  9. *bows* We shall quench our thirst together.
  10. I am going to miss you so much. Best wishes. You know where to reach me!
  11. LOUIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaked out when you came into my stream yesterday! So glad you've decided to come back!!!! Missed you buddy!
  12. I always assumed it'd just get hazy, kinda like being drunk, but more blurred vision and not so much... wobbly. I can see how people would enjoy the new effects, though. Thank you for looking into it, that would help me immensely.
  13. If this were any other game, or community, I wouldn't bother trying to ask. I just love it here and I don't want to have to be scared to play, or stop playing because of disorders. I'm hoping they get better and we get my brain shit figured out, but until then, as I said, I figured I'd try.
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