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  1. Welcome to the city! Enjoy your stay. Nice forum name btw. lol
  2. Would really love for this to be a change, The Lost MC clubhouse is a private clubhouse and I agree that it makes no sense in RP at all for it to be open to the public as a local shop.
  4. Missladee

    The Ladies Night

    SERVER ONE (OneSync)
  6. More information : Everyone and anyone is welcome to participate. All participants will have a chance to come up to be Auctioned off say a bit about their self and why they should be bid on. Keep in mind this is not just for romancing purposes, it gives a chance for people to get to know others and just go on a friendly date ect. Whatever they decide to do with the person is up to them both. When and where they decide to redeem their date is also up to them. We are not responsible for what happens in during those dates, we encourage people to be polite and enjoy their time. All proceeds will go to the people Auctioned off , The Lost MC will take a 25 % cut for future events and to pay people helping with this event as well as security. Please make sure if you want to be Auctioned off, to contact me to be added to the list. Again everyone that participates will earn some of the proceeds of what is won from the bids. Food and drinks will be available at the location. There is no fee to attend this event. Hope to see you all there next Thursday in county 1.
  7. I just want to use this on @Kota Taylor. But def can come in handy for kidnapping and other RP purposes. *cough* Interesting idea indeed.
  8. Storage Warehouse unit Idea So I was thinking that it would be a great idea to be able to have access to buy storage unit for all our needs. Like food, kits, drugs, junk. Whatever your needs are. While bringing a bit more immersion to having to go to an actual warehouse to collect/unload your items. While also minimizing the garage traffic and overwhelming car storage process most of has have to use to store stuff. lol I really think this idea would be great in the city, allot of people specially business owners could very much benefit with this. Currently there is some storage in apartments and business but not allot of people have that kind of funding just for storage. There is also the ones like myself that have both and still need more room because the business storage is not big enough in my opinion. Another option would be linking storage units to business owners as well, if anything this gives the ability to have anyone in your business be able to store items into the business warehouse unit without the owner be online for it, or maybe have some access code for your unit that you can share with only certain people or give access to a set number of people. If this were to be integrated my thought was to have the units be about 500kgs of space for small and about 800kgs for medium. If multiple sizes are added ofc. Small starting price suggestions anywhere from $300,000k to $600,000k per unit and only one unit per person. Keep in mind this is only sort of a guide line suggestion to what my idea would be, whatever the devs decide on is on them. I am happy all together if any sort of storage to purchase is added. I'll love to hear any ideas and thoughts about this from everyone and anyone, please feel free comment and share. xoxox Below are some images of locations and for inspiration.
  9. Welcome @Drift_AZ to badlands hope you enjoy it here! Have fun.
  10. Don't forget I will be taking in any contestants all week before the event day...whom are wanting to participate on stage for this event. Contact me in-game to be added to the list or just come by early that day so you can get a spot. Love to see you all there on Thursday!
  11. Get ready for Next Thursday night the 13th! Join us and show us your talent. Contact Victoria Taylor in game to be added to the list of contestants. Server 3.
  12. Love this idea. I would really love to see this integrated for sure. *thumbs up*
  13. LUMBER MILL JOB IDEA I been up by the lumber mill area quite a bit as of late and always wondered why not have more use from it, it's pretty cool up there and the place is perfect for a job. My idea for this job pretty much is like a steps thing. -You gather up the wood that comes in or chop it from somewhere if possible. -Stock pile the wooden logs. -Insert into a machinery to become planks. -Once turned into planks you stockpile them. kinda of the concept in steps, of course a bit more cleaned up than that but that is just giving the basis of the idea. The place is the and unused and i really would love to see this as a job. Maybe you can shop the wood yourself or saw it, I think there is allot that can be done with this job. Having the ability to clock in as worker there and be payed ever 5 mins or by the log. Labor jobs like this and warehouse type jobs feel like they are lacking in the city so I would really love to see more of them be implemented. I mean this could even be a two man job, who knows. But I thought I'd share my thoughts on this and see what the community thinks of it. Please share your thoughts and ideas on this, I would love to see them. If this in anyway could be possible I think it would be a great job opportunity and something different. All pictures taken by me within BLRP server.
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