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  1. Also having a Hit man just going out there whacking people just because someone paid them is also RDM. There is no RP or Demands associated with the Hit man. Take everyone elses suggestion about kidnapping and taking them to the person that wants them.
  2. If insurance is Not Mandatory, How can the Cops Enforce something that is optional? I can understand if you dont have insurance and they are witnessed getting into an accident or hitting someone. But Forcing someone to buy insurance so they dont get their car impounded is a bit extreme. Some peoples cars would cost more than 10k to get out of Impound. To me, just seems like a Money grab for the City and/or Insurance Company.
  3. Slacking @Isabella Sanchez Evans on the welcoming committee lol. Welcome Nova.
  4. A lot of these may change with the upcoming 2.0 as well. If anything maybe try to give these suggestions to that thread instead? Yes these have been talked about before. Some people have played Doctors and Nurses that are not EMS. Unfortunately you will just have to coordinate with them in the city to get them to help you. That will be the tricky part.
  5. I think gangs are a 50/50 on the server. Me being part of the MC, we do have a lot of RP. Because there isn't a lot of gangs in the city we do have some RP that does involve others in the city. It doesn't always have to be Gang on Gang stuff either. Most of the time I don't mind Gang on Gang stuff however, most of the people that do start new Gangs tend to just go right for Gun play instead of actual RP. This is what is really annoying with the Gang RP. Just in face the other night we have a gang messing with us the other night cause in RP they were telling me what to do and I told them to take a hike and fuck off. They then come back and start a shoot out after shoot out. Once they get caught by the cops one of the DC cause he got busted. What kind of shit is that. They then get pissed cause the Cops think they are on our side. Well what do you expect when you come to our area and start stuff with us. We are defending ourselves.
  6. What kind of In game adds would you like to see to have a Gang (aka group, crew, club) have? This is just more or less a registry idea so that when people decided to start groups and then try to impersonate them in the city it doesnt give the group a bad name.
  7. I have to say Merr, you have very valid points and I like them all. The only thing is maybe have the fail rate alittle lower at the hospital end so that it's not being just shit timing for the coding shitting in the person and taking their 3 lives in 1 night possibly. Other than that, I like every point for the HC server.
  8. There are always those rare jems within those higher numbers, I get that and do see that. However Most of the time there are bad people and unfortunately like everything else and in this case point in fact, they ruin it for others as well. Yes most streamers are bringing people who want to play however there are still some people that come in here from there thinking this is still GTA online and can just go around killing people and hitting people like they want to. Yes lately more and more of the new folks are getting more into RP however some of these 4 digit numbers you speak of normally do RP as well. Also, just cause someone has a 4 digit number doesnt mean they have been here the longest either, it just means they connect to the server a long time ago and didnt stick around either possibly. But most of the 4 digit numbers do know how to RP and do it very well.
  9. That is true, but most of the true RP'ers were getting a handle on this. I do admit I have fallen once for this, but had gotten better at trying but I was just feeling that this was not the way to do it, especially with also including rule 2.
  10. However Steve, with the old rules that still applied as well. As from a PD perceptive, we always have to watch our numbers to make sure that we are not out numbered as well. It still can be an intimidation thing when trying to show up 1 cop to 4 gang members. Even if there was 8 member's there were at least 6 cops possibly online at one time as well. But with the old rule as well this was still supposed to be obeyed. With these new rules it doesn't help the cops other than to create more gang on gang violence for the cops as well. And when the cops try to bust that up, now you have anywhere from 1 to 6 cops to 4 to 8 gang members now trying to take the cops out as well. Just more chaos and confusion.
  11. Ok, well at times it doesnt even feel like that, How are we basing this off of if you dont mind me asking? The only reason why I ask this, is because most of the time I never see this from anyone else lately from the newer people.
  12. Well its my time to vent about these new gang rules. Now I do see some validity to the new rules however I do end up seeing some damage from this. Now With Rule one. This is a good rule only in hostile situations and needed to be enforced. I get it. Rule 2 is where I have the issue with. This is where the issue I have is. This to me seems to have more of a leeway for the admins. This means that even though we may have a group that is trying to RP something and not even in hostile roleplay that this could be a ban-able offense and I don't think it should be that way. I think this is forcing groups that now we have to decide on who RP's during any given night which Forcing RP shouldn't happen. No one should be forced to RP. You guys should know this. Even in the rules in the kidnapping that after 15 minutes if you are not wanting to do with it anymore you can just walk away you can. Now we cant even be able to even stand there and talk as a group wearing different clothes because this causes us to be banned. Rule Number 3 is Needed and I agree on too. This rule is great. I understand this greatly and for this 100%. This should be defined more within a distance wise and I am not sure how this can be monitored or controlled but I do like this idea. Over all I think these rules are needed. However I see a bunch of issues. I see that there could be a gang issue here. At one point in time there could be up to a max of 8 gangs operating at once. Now this could be pretty bad and could cause a lot of issues not only for the cops but for the general public. Now even if the you only have 6 gangs going after each other at once or what not, and only 2 or 3 officers this could be not only problematic for the cops but also for EMS that now also have to put themselves in harms way or even get themselves in trouble by not remaining neutral. There could be an issue that once the gang issue surfaces or if it does, then how does this effect the general look of the server or community? I consider this place my home and I love this place but I just think that these rules are more fitting to a Hardcore server and this is a "Lite RP" server. The way I see it also, is that the more you put in rules like this the more RP you are taking away from people. The other issue I have with this, is, you have more gangs going after each other the more people like to take IC stuff and take it OOC. These rules seem to hurt more of the RP'ers then it does with the other gangs. Myself being in the MC, we don't always go into hostile situations and that we have a great RP story that we cant just single one person out to continue it. The MC involves everyone in the club because thats what we want to do, we bring the members in. Now we want people who RP and not just be shirt lords and be hostile all the time. We want to be able to have a good RP and a great time. I would like to see what everyone else thinks. Sorry for the long rant but this is just how I feel.
  13. Absolutely agree with this post. Some people will take IC stuff and bring it OOC or Vice versa. I don't do that myself and I wish other people would do that as well. I hate it when people take OOC and bring it IC.
  14. Over all I like this idea and the extra steps needed to make meth instead of just sitting in an RV. The only thing I can see is if we use some type of gas to cause damage while cooking it without the PPE then the cops would also need said PPE and would this also be an added cost to the cops or no? I hope some of this can be implemented as it adds more RP possibly to cooking meth as well as keeps people from being idle while doing it.
  15. But they can jump ahead of everyone else. I think the statement over all made was to be that the limit should be longer. Sometimes, things come up and you have to take care of the kids and have to take off very suddenly. Also there are some Jobs like Meth cooking and RP scenarios that could take longer than 15 minutes. I think that's what the problem is. Also, if someone says that Me or someone else having to be a single parent or a parent at all and saying its a you problem is disrespectful by anyone.
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