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  1. You're welcome in Mirror Park anytime
  2. Diggs do it movin! I'm back out here solo. GoGo still in lockup. Might get out on "good behavior" soon unless some Sh** pop off. Make sure u write my brotha. Anyways, you know where to find me. Posted in Mirror Park holding down the Barber Shop for cuzz.
  3. https://imgur.com/a/G64w22t Mirror Park Crip Gang (MPC) The Mirror Park Crips are an active street gang known for running their family owned Barber Shop (5/7) located in the on the East Side of Los Santos. They were established in 2017 by a couple of childhood friends by the names of " Jamal Diggs" also known by his street name "J-Diggs", and "Justin Olson" aka "O-J" whom grew up in the Mirror Park neighborhood. J-Diggs inherited the family owned operation from his OG Grandfather "Herry Diggs" whom passed away in early 2010 after being fatally shot outside his barber shop during an argument over a game of cards. After inheriting his grandfathers barber shop, Jamal ran the business at a deficit for years, selling dope on the side to keep his family shop afloat. After eventually getting arrested for "Drug Trafficking" Jamal Diggs was sentenced to 5 year in the Los Santos Penitentiary. While inside Jamal met a man by the name of "Bookey Williams" spending a life sentence for calling for multiple gang hits. "Bookey Williams" was the leader of what was known at the time as "The East Side Crips". He was also a long time friend and associate of "OG Herry Diggs", Jamal's Late Grandfather. While locked up J-Diggs and Bookey became close friends and composed a plan to keep the Diggs family business alive. With Bookey serving a life sentence, he desperately needed a connection to the streets - and quick. Jamal Diggs would provide that support, in the form of a "Business Front". In return Bookey would allow Jamal to start his own neighborhood chapter. From Prison J-Diggs coordinated his plans to transform the operations of the Barber Shop through written letters to Justin Olson. With Justin laying the foundation, and Jamal learning the ways from Bookey - The Mirror Park Crips became the first sub-set of the East Side Crips. As they starts peddling heavier drugs into mirror drive, they want to expand west to secure the rich street of VineWood and surrounding area as their territory. Co-Founders: * Jamal Diggs - aka "J-Diggs" * Justin Olson - aka "O-J"
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