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  1. Yes like I had stated before, that I completely agree with that and with that I thought that there could be a possibility of a journalism career license of some sorts that you'd have to purchase at the airport so if people do try to powergame and abuse what the job is actually meant for then that would be dealt with by staff. I just feel like it would be a great addition for the job since I barely see people ever do it and it would bring more roleplay.
  2. Yes to also add since after I had posted this I thought about it even more and thought that there could be a journalist career / license that you could purchase at the airport so if people do try to abuse it, they'd get blacklisted.
  3. Lately I've been doing the news job with @Gary Taint Winthorpe and we'd tweet out or place an ad out for people so we can hire Lighting People, Camera People, and Boom Mic People. So we'd have a full news team and before we were able to see when there would be robberies and the news team would report it for the city of Los Santos but recently there was an update where now civilians can't see the robbery in progress and I was wondering if it would be possible for it to when people are clocked in for the news that we would get alerted when there's robberies and thought it would also be a cool idea for when you clock on the news that you can at least get a little bit of a paycheck but obviously not make it to where we make too much but thought maybe $600 instead of us just getting our welfare checks that are $200. Thank you.
  4. Since the beginning of December I've been trying to plan a party on New Years Eve and thought it would be a great idea to have fireworks be available for players to use just for that day. Where I'm going to be hosting a party will be high up and a great view of the city and it would be awesome to have fireworks lighting up the night sky.
  5. until
    Brittany Angel's Race Car Event will be hosted at the Fame Or Shame Building at 5:30pm PST, 8:30pm EST, on Wednesday, November 21, 2018, in City 2. Everyone is welcome!
  6. I have finally made a poster for my Psychiatrist Office and my hours that I'll be available to have sessions, but will take appointments via.Twitter, Email, or at my office.
  7. I have finally made a poster for my Psychiatrist Office and my hours that I'll be available to have sessions, but will take appointments via.Twitter, Email, or at my office.  



  8. Therapist Suggestion: Lately I've really been wanting to be the city Therapist, so when EMS or an Officer runs into a player that seems to be mentally struggling they can recommend them to come see me, and since there's already a Therapist Office able to walk in to, that's near the beach I would be able to enter it with the person that I would have the appointment with also same thing with the office at the Mount Zonah Medical Center. Another thing that would make it easier for people to contact me for an appointment would be if there was a text chat in discord where it says psych-appt-requests so when EMS or an Officer feels like it would be good for the player to come see me then the Officer or EMS would request in the chat @ing me and the player that was told to come see me. In all honestly I feel like this would be very awesome for the city, it would help lower the crime rate and bring more character development and make them have fun with their character. Expansion for the Tow Trucking Job: I've been having a lot of fun being a Mechanic and running my own business but sometimes the locations can be cluttered and usually that's because people tend to like to hangout at the mechanic shops and I don't mind, I love it but I'd love to have more space. So, I've been thinking and looking around the city and I went down to a LS Customs and tried to repair a vehicle, all it did was just repair the engine, not the whole car. I think it would be really good for space and more roleplay if players that do the Tow Trucking Job are to be able to repair at the LS Customs and be able to run their business out of there, they can even roleplay painting the players cars or just customizing them like getting them new tires and even fully repairing the car in a whole. Being able to rent properties: I've been running my business at a mechanic shop and I started talking to my friend about wanting the city to have it where, every week you have to pay rent for the business property to stay under your name, so basically when a player rents a property it would be player based coding just like being able to pull out your cars that other players can't get since it's on your character not anyone else. I really do like the idea, it would bring RP for business side of the city and when you have your own business you'd be able to hire people and be able to run the whole thing instead of having to run back to the shop after the storm and have somebody else take the shop. But with this, you own it and would have to pay rent just to keep it weekly so you won't have to worry about coming back into the city after each storm and to just have someone taking your shop that you were working at for hours.
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