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  1. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets their eyes blasted when its both night irl and in game and you open your garage. Most of the other menus in game have a dark palette, it seems like the garage is the only one that doesnt.
  2. As much as i love this, about half the liveries for it need to be removed for nudity. Had it in another city and the hydraulics are nuts.
  3. I play solo with absolutely no gang and i manage to make hidden drugs perfectly fine.
  4. I think we as a server are have grown a lot in terms of RP, and i think as part of furthering that RP growth, illegal locations should be removed from the map. As a fresh new player, if i wanted to i could buy a car, buy coca leaves from an ad (thats another story....), get cement, and go make cocaine, with just the money you start out with when coming into the server. Think about that, one single interaction with someone selling coca leaves and a glance at the map, someone who has no connections in the city at all, let alone criminal connections, is making 100 bags of coke. I
  5. As a regular user in game i agree. I dont really have a huge issue with how drugs are, i like that there is side effects so people have a reason to not do the drugs. Otherwise everyone would be tweaked out. I like the idea of side effects only showing up if you dont take your drug of choice for a certain time, 20 or 30 minutes seems about right. It doesnt make much sense for me to black out from withdrawals 5 minutes after i just smoked. Also agree with a blackout animation, maybe just ragdoll for the duration. Very awkward when im talking to someone and just stop talking mid sentence fo
  6. IMO meth, weed, and coke should be the least profitable. Theyre literally on the map, you cant complain that people go right to them when its sitting right there in front of their face the second they come in the city. I honestly kinda hate that any of the illegal locations are on the map, cleaners and crafting included. It makes no sense to me. The hidden drug locations would make the most sense to buff. That would give people a reason to zip their lips about it. Way too many gangs will sell you information for 50k which is really not much at all. Definitely not worth giving over the power of
  7. The exploding cars knocked everyone out and now they have amnesia
  8. i would agree if there was a map made for it
  9. Because in the 3+ years ive been here we have never had a military, i have never witnessed or even heard of rp happening there, and we don't have a drag strip and one is already made and available in that area. It has food booths, gas pumps, seating, scoreboards, etc. Another possibility for events. Its a huge flat unused space thats just sitting there with absolutely no value. I would like it to have value.
  10. I thought it was but apparently it isnt i just checked. Its a high security military base, civs shouldnt be in there anyway. Point still stands though, nobody uses it and the reasoning before was the air drops (i dont even recall ever hearing anyone doing them). Right now most drag races are at the sandy airfield. Ive personally used this drag strip mod and its easily double the length.
  11. Bumping this thread. We have a pretty decent racing scene in the city now and i think the drag strip would be a great addition. As of now the Zancudo airfield is unused (AFAIK) and we aren't allowed to go in it per server rules. Huge unused space that i feel would be beneficial.
  12. -1. I think its fairly balanced and doesnt need a change. And what Knox said.
  13. I actually think that interior is available for free, its a cage and a lot bigger than the ring in the gym. IMO the ring is too small. Edit: found it https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/gta-iv-fight-club-interior-sp-fivem
  14. On a previous server i played on they had an underground fighting ring. You would go into the back and "clock in" as a fighter before every round. If youre clocked in you get revived 10 seconds after going down. If you forget to clock in you go down as usual. If you went too far away from the ring you would automatically be clocked out to prevent abuse, much like the winery. Would be a good idea.
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