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  1. I made this list awhile ago of lore friendly cars for serpico, just seeing this thread now though. Personally not a big fan of real cars in the game. https://imgur.com/a/M0UdBgb
  2. then they get dealt with like any other person who is going to mic spam and be toxic in the community. thats because people dont realize how loud their music is currently with how they play it through teamspeak. Everybody in game hears it the same volume and there is a volume control so it would actually get rid of that issue. there is already several around the map, 2 i know of are at grove culdesac and the carwash on brogue. If this plugin were to be added im sure devs would be able to place them at appropriate spots and just not make them availabl
  3. I played on another server that had these boomboxes and it was great. You buy it from the store and place it down and can put in a youtube link to play music. Not all music works due to embedding and copyrights but a decent amount of links will work. It has volume control aswell. It can also even play some youtube live streams. https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-youtube-boombox/788964 This could lead to some cool rp such as player run live radio stations, news radio, "CDs" people can distribute with the youtube code, easily DJ parties, etc
  4. I feel this will quickly turn into crims trying to collect police badges, the business card seems fine to me. Idk if all do, but a lot of cops ive met have their own business card IRL. Just my thought.
  5. Yea im gunna vote no on this one. Seems too soon to be stable in fivem and paska brought up a good point. 70 people on last night and the streets were somehow empty lol.
  6. me and kitty feel ur pain lmao. i could never do grapes or wine until they were fixed. +1
  7. i would prefer payphones. doesnt make sense for cellphones to be allowed in a prison.
  8. I would be 100% for offline time to count, however it should not be equivalent time. It should be something like 1 minute online = 5 minutes offline. That way if people want to continue playing that character soon, they will stay and DoC will have a reason to be on. Or if you don't plan on playing that character again tonight, just play a different character and you wont have to sit there waiting the full time the next day when you hop back on.
  9. fairly often tbh. ive found guns that i presume were from a crime someone dumped in a dumpster one time.
  10. i would be 100% for this if it was hard to pick. like a 20% chance to unpick it and your lockpick breaks if you fail. then you can get another lock pick and try again.
  11. i d agree the licensing place is a bit overkill for something that i dont see people using that often. theres basically enough offices for every person in the server to have their own office lol.
  12. So the last time that me nad my business partners opened up the Vanilla Unicorn the only way for us to get behind the bar and dj booth was to glitch over the bar using the mechanic emote. I LOVE the new emotes but an unfortunate result of them is that theyre all glitchproof and we no longer have any way to access the bar, which is kind of essential for our business. Even just a teleport in front of the bar would work.
  13. great idea, theres a lot of utility vehicles that can be used to better RP
  14. i agree with this but not serial numbers. you should be able to use (not legally buy) a gun without a license and it should just be an extra charge, unlawful possession of a firearm instead of illegal firearm. realistically some hoodrat drug dealer isnt going to have a legally owned firearm and license. they should have the option to ride dirty if they want. I feel like this is a leftover from old badlands and would be an opportunity to give a little more trust to the community.
  15. well then, ignore this whole thread
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