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  1. Welcome back man! You were actually one of the first faces I met here and part of the reason in still around today
  2. Headshots used to be 1 shot downs. This was removed as far too often, the aggressor would hit an instant headshot and there would be no gunfight. I have experienced this a lot and can tell you that this system we have now not only makes for lengthier and more enjoyable gunfights, but also brings some balance to PD/Crim
  3. I agree, think it would be a good step in the right direction. More for tow trucks and mechanics to do and less cheesy usage
  4. I got just the thing for you @TOYBOXX Remade a 4K version a few months ago
  5. I'm going to start running down the list. So any suggestions after this will be tested in my next run. Bikes are a priority right now
  6. Badlands Addon Vehicle Mega-Thread This will be the official mega-thread for all addon car suggestions. If anyone wants to suggest something but does not have much knowledge in cars / bike etc, feel free to post images of vehicles. I am looking to hear as many opinions on what people would like to see added to the server and get the overall communities preferences. That said, just because your suggestion was popular doesn't mean it will be added in, there is no guarantee that any car will make it in, there is a process in evaluating each model and vetting them for different aspects.
  7. Thats something that the PD already has, if you look under wallet when clocked into PD, theres a business card, use that and it will show your PD card which has your name and rank as well as a PD variant of the state ID card
  8. I am personally fine with having prison time count while offline; but only if the time is increased and offline sentences tick down slower. I understand the point that Kilo is making but I don't think that with 2.0, we should constantly be penalising those who do great RP and bring the server to life because of some people with wrong intentions. I agree with this 100% and very much would like DoC to become independent from the LSPD, we have different expectations and different skills are required; it would also open up prison RP to a much wider audience. There are some changes that I a
  9. Technically if youre found in a car with plates that dont come back to you; could be a GTA charge? so its not just a free use of *change plates on car for no risk* That way theres a risk of increasing charges if caught but pay off of no runnable plate
  10. This is something that I have already suggested and very much want for DoC. As mentioned here, when DoC are available, if u want to continue in the prison for longer that is easily done. But I agree with removing the automatic release, countless number of times I have been mid RP and a prisoner just disappears...
  11. We get removable cat tails instead
  12. All I got from this thread is that I will be throwing poop. That will be a good day
  13. That sounds like a client side issue, if your EUP (modded PD uniforms) are streaming properly then they quite easily look like police. The modded clothes replace vanilla clothes so when the auth service is down they look like the vanilla clothes. It also does this from a distance as the LODs for the clothes are not changed.
  14. As someone who robs stores in both the traditional take a hostage and get free passage and the more RP heavy ways, the PD here are great for picking up on that stuff. As long as you put effort into the RP, it will be returned! Just remember that you wont ALWAYS get away with it and thats fine The only limit is youre imagination
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