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  1. As an update so people know where we are at. We have selected a group of vehicles, some from here and some not, which we are going to work on implementing. In the future, these suggestions will become more valuable, thank you for helping contribute to the server
  2. I agree with this. I think id be ok(ish) if there was an animation involved but even then I am not a fan. Considering how people already respond to a cop down call, having on demand panic buttons that can be used more frequently, I think would become overwhelming for criminals and continue the decline of crime that is occurring.
  3. Those pretty much are correct. So be reasonable with flying, dont do crime in them, in the populated city area land on helipads / airports and up north in reasonable locations.
  4. In the city, only land on helipads but out of the city, blaine county region, as long as its reasonable iirc
  5. This is something that is nice in practice, but a huge pain in the ass to implement for our vehicles. LEOs are getting new fleets and thats a lot of vehicles to add this on, more work load for something that I dont feel adds enough to warrant the work. Ngl it gives me an aneurism thinking about going through the process of adding that to just LEO cars, never mind ems and doc as well. If its something that is REALLY wanted it can maybe be done but not for a good while. imo please no
  6. As a general update on addon cars. A small(ish) pack is ready and being tested but we are currently undertaking a project to optimise a bunch of the existing vehicles. This will take a little while but all submissions here will still be considered once finished
  7. This is a bit more complicated than you guys may think, (as far as im aware) each model would need to be moved vertically up in a model editor, and that may take a while for how many hats there are, and the adjustment may screw things up for some other hair styles. Not 100% certain though
  8. Badlands Addon Vehicle Mega-Thread This will be the official mega-thread for all addon car suggestions. If anyone wants to suggest something but does not have much knowledge in cars / bike etc, feel free to post images of vehicles. I am looking to hear as many opinions on what people would like to see added to the server and get the overall communities preferences. That said, just because your suggestion was popular doesn't mean it will be added in, there is no guarantee that any car will make it in, there is a process in evaluating each model and vetting them for different aspects. Things to look out for: File size Poly count Levels of Detail (LODs) These are a few of the things to look out for and are generally easier to find out from looking at the model page. Where can I find add on cars? A few good sites that I used are below: https://www.gta5-mods.com/ https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/ These are the 2 primary I use due to availability and variance of models. There are some others but tend to offer less and at a lower quality. This does not mean there aren't some good models out there, just less in my experience. Can I suggest an ELS car? And what is ELS? Enhanced Lighting System (ELS) is a mod for LSPDFR and commonly used in FiveM servers. There should not be able ELS vehicles for non-emergency vehicles that civilians would be using. A lot of vehicles in GTA have "extras", these "extras" are toggle-able options that will add variation to vehicles; example being a sports car, the roof of the car may be an extra and it can be toggled to make the car a drop-top. The way Enhanced Lighting System (ELS) works is by the lights become the extras, and a script will toggle between the extras, turning the lights on and off. Badlands does NOT use this system, if you suggest any vehicle that is ELS, it will not be evaluated and will be discarded. I paid for a model, can I have it added? If you have paid for a model and would like to see it in-game, there are a few extra steps that need to be taken. The CFX team take stolen assets very seriously and have shut down server for violating that part of their TOS. In order to prevent this, a paid model must have a receipt or proof of purchase submitted to Serpico. The file should then be sent to @Spartan to be evaluated. Just because you have paid for a model, this does not guarantee addition to the server as it must still be vetted the same as any other model. Moderation notes: Please try not to post already suggested vehicles, if 1 suggestion does not pass the vetting process, I will try look for alternatives.
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