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  1. I mean you can't even tell if someone is using /me or local chat because both appear on the persons body. I don't mind the /me function showing up on the body and going away after some time, but I do agree that local chat should probably go back to being in the chatbox.
  2. 2. I'm not sure if I'm in support of this suggestion. I do agree that a headshot should be a 1 tap, but I don't think it should force you to respawn. It IS a game at the end of the day. Player to player robberies are usually lackluster at best and lack any real RP value. 4. I honestly think that we should make LESS money via selling drugs to locals. It discourages people from selling to other players because "I can make more money selling to locals." I do agree that we should be able to sell to the NPC's, but I would much rather see an emphasis on player to player interation. All in all great suggestions. Maybe #5 could be the rust bucket vehicles?
  3. IRL a lawyer wouldn't even argue the case with the police officer. The person would get charged with said crime(s) then go to court to hash out the rest of the details. It would be nice if we could somehow impliment procedures like this to give the courthouse some use. Some situations you could just set up a court date and try to get said officer to attend (perhaps while off duty so that it doesn't tie up the PD)
  4. I've actually done this before. Had a guy and his bud get in a wreck with a local. His buddy got ejected and needed medical attention. They called both EMS and PD and I was the responding officer. I took the gentleman aside and got a full discription of what happened, the estimated value of his car, and his information on the vehicle. RP'd that I wrote out an entire police report on the situation and printed him a copy. By the time I was done with that, the EMT was finishing up work on the friend that got ejected. It was probably one of my more favorite roleplay scenes I've been part of. With 2.0 having a heavier emphasis on roleplay, I would hope that EMT's and officers alike see the value is fulling playing out situations like this. +1
  5. Can we add the Emperor to the list as well? =D
  6. I honestly feel like there's more context to this than we've been given. As Richie said, if you feel you've been wronged by officers please file an IA report and let Sr. Staff investigate the allegations. Furthermore, officers aren't requiered to show any "proof" or body cam footage of crimes committed by civs. It would be at the officers discretion if he/she wanted to share such evidence with a suspect.
  7. You can have gang violence in the city, just not in the common player populated areas.......
  8. Unrelated to the topic at hand but I've received a text from someone who didn't have my number. They "sent" the text to someone else but it came to me when they didn't even have my number in their phone.
  9. And I'd assume you have proof that these officers are holding grudges? Because if you do, please file an IA report and let Sr Staff deal with it. Or are you just assuming that they're holding grudges? Whenever you do a crime you KNOW there are penalties that could potential come your way. If you aren't willing to pay your fines (whether maxed or not) and do your time, maybe you shouldn't do crime period.....
  10. Bluetooth = meta and this form of meta leads to power/win gaming. Besides why use "Bluetooth" when the devs have given us phones so that we can have voice to voice communication in game?
  11. If you were not there to witness the situation in the original post then please stop talking as you aren't educated in the situation. There are two sides to every story. How about you don't jump to conclusion based off of the criminals of it.
  12. Way too easy to exploit the locking/unlocking mechanic. If you stand too close to a car when someone's trying to lock/unlock it, it won't and this was the cause of a lot of cop cars being stolen. This is why things where changed so that cop cars couldn't be stolen. Plus we had cops being held at gun point JUST so folks could steal their car. Not very fun for the cops, don't ya think?
  13. Thing to remember: This IS a game and this IS a LightRP server. Anything can happen. Is it "unrealistic" to jump from Legion Bank and survive? Sure. But 90% of this community will do something "unrealistic" at some point in their time here on Badlands. We shouldn't dictate nor judge how others choose to RP. I know "suicides" can be annoying for both PD and EMS, but we all should've know what we were signing up for. Would you rather attempt to rp with a suicide situation and offer to get them help and even take them to a therapist office? Or would you rather keep going to Legion to revive the same folks who are always getting downed and NO ONE seems to know why? I'd rather attempt actual RP than deal with Legion.
  14. I generally play with the numbers off because less on the screen is best for me. (Almost rhymed.) BUT having numbers turned on CAN help with having interactions with civs. If I'm driving down the road and notice a civ just walking down the street with a number above their head, I'd be inclined to stop and just talk with them. Introduce myself and answer any questions they may have. Using the number as a form of good meta (yes folks, there IS good meta. Not all meta is bad) could cause a great interaction. Especially if said civ in this scenerio was brand new to the server. If I had numbers off and just drove by him, there would be no interaction at all. Interaction = RP. That's what we're here for, right?
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