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  1. who's that? the team gonna be taken out round one?
  2. I would like to say, we should have a sports section in discord. So we can "talk" crap amongst each other in sports, dif teams, ect. Myself, i LOVE football (american), racing (mostly nascar but i also watch imsa, and F1). I follow other sports too (hockey, ect), even though i don't watch. Example i hate watching baseball, its boring to me, but so is golf to others. where as i can watch golf cuz i know that 300+ yard shot landing 1 yard or half a foot from the hole is just as insane as a baseball player hitting a homerun. I think having a channel that lets us express ourselfs with something we
  3. Training is designed to introduce practices, techniques, and tactics that are essential to the execution of safe, efficient and successful vehicle pursuits.
  4. until
    Meet at Mission Row PD. Officers will be taught better tactics to keep them safe while they are on scene interacting with civilians.
  5. until
    LSPD Department Training that goes over Felony Stops. This training will piggy-back off the Traffic Stop Department Training we help a month ago. Goals: 1. Teach how to set up the stop 2. Vehicle Positioning 3. Removing suspects from the vehicle 4. Clearing the vehicle 5. Stuff
  6. I agree, i think it would give both PD and Criminals more to do when they don't want to do a robbery or pull guns.
  7. only if they have one place to aquire it. If they add in a few different places you can *smash and grab* it (Like 3-5 different places) i think it'll be great.
  8. There is nothing really saying someone can't persay, kidnap someone for you. However, the murdering part has to be done by you. Can't have someone else be Hitman for that.
  9. OOC OOC (Out Of Character) is, in a way, the realm of the Player, the person sitting behind the computer, someone who can be completely different from the character he/she is playing. It is the term used for things un-related to the character, such as computers, the real world, your own headache and lagging servers. These things can be spoken about in special forums, like OOC clans, webs, or when asking questions on the discord channel. They can also be mentioned in Tells, if they are in some way marked off as being OOC (either by using some form of brackets, or writing it out in plain).
  10. Thorgs is correct, only the high end apartment has beer and Vodka.
  11. I mean that name, it's almost like someone i'v seen...…. I think his name was Daniel though. yea, Daniel Morningstar that's right!
  12. I hear what your saying but yea, as you said. I think tazer does the job, and if you dn't want to use that you can always use your baton. plus in RL you don't have pistols with beanbags, and unless your higher ranking officer you can't use a shotgun for said beanbags. just my two cents
  13. Is there still syncing issues with this? I think the golfing Idea is a great way for more RP as well as people can go golfing as a business ordeal, ect. (For me I would just love to beable to play with another friend a round of 9 holes or something). If it was possible, could also make it one of those things people can grow their strength with?
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